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Hair Transplant Growth Timeline

Hair transplant is a fruitful technique to help you regain your smart appearance with the help of natural looking hair. Here is a detailed timeline of the positive results after undergoing this treatment.

  • Day 0: It is the day of your hair transplant.
  • First Five days: From day 1 to 5 of the hair transplant, you are likely to experience swelling at the donor area and on your forehead. The areas of extractions on the skin may look red. These signs could tend you to panic, but in real, there is nothing to worry about. All these aftereffects will get over in the coming days.
  • Next five days: Between days 6 to 10, you would get rid of redness and swelling. A crust or the attached drying out skin layer will surface for every follicular unit transplanted. A visit to your plastic surgeon will help you get away with these crusts, as he soaks the grafts thoroughly, and rubs them gently with his finger. By day 10, the staples or sutures will also die out; your transplanted hair will look like ``crew-cut``.
  • Between 2nd to 3rd week: The transplanted hair will undergo shedding process, while the bulb and actual follicular unit with remain intact to acquire the shape of a new hair shaft and join the normal hair cycle.
  • Between 1st to 2nd Month: You may start styling and coloring your transplanted hair, as they start growing again.
  • Between 2nd to 4th Month: The donor area will reflect the healing signs and the redness will disappear. The hair is still in the growing phase, but will appear thinner from the scalp.
  • Between 5th to 9th Month: The transplanted hair will start thickening and grow as long as 3 inches to make their styling easier. The donor area will heal completely, and the original donor laxity will restore with the completion of 9 months.
  • Between 1st to 2nd Year: You can attain 80% growth of the transplanted hair. Hair from the extracted scalp area will also grow appreciably. The hair will start giving a natural look right from the start of next year.
  • After 2nd Year:You get fuller, longer, and healthier transplanted hair, with high density and thickness. Your bald spots are no longer a nightmare for you, let's move on!