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NeckTite is the most sophisticated procedure for treating aging fat, loose skin under the neck and chin area. The procedure is minimally invasive and safe. The treatment is specifically designed to treat the neck with protruding fat and sloppy muscles by eliminating the condition known as "turkey neck". The procedure includes removal of excess fat leaving rejuvenated and younger looking appearance, without any damage to delicate veins.

In some cases for attaining better results our surgeons might suggest the patient to go through FaceTite just to maintain the proportion of the neck with other facial features. FaceTite provides the same results as facelift surgical procedure, but without any cut or incisions.

Procedure Involves

Simply removing excess fat from the skin may leave a floopy and sagging skin tissues. To solve this problem, Neckitite has been designed. It is the procedure which not only removes excess fat from the skin but tightens it as well.

The procedure starts with local anaesthesia injection, small incisions are made under both earlobes and under the chin. Via these incisions local anaesthetic agent gets injected into the neck tissues. Now Necktite handheld device is inserted under the skin which produces a fair amount of heat to melt down the fat cells and these are removed afterwards. Now the instrument also boosts collagen to tighten the treated area and after that, incisions are sealed with steri strips.


As stated above, this minimally invasive treatment is a safer approach as compared to the liposuction. No damage is introduced to the delicate neck skin, still flawless results can be expected.

Post Treatment

Post treatment, the patient is advised to wear compression garments for 5 days minimum. Bruising and swelling can be handled with prescribed medications. Bruising and swelling will fade away within 7-8 days and the patient can continue to his daily routines within a day or two, post treatment.

The Results

The results can be noticed after the treatment but the perfect appearance will take place after 24 weeks. The patient will be able to enjoy firm skin and younger visibility.