What are the types of Alopecia and explain the causes of hair thinning?

What are the types of Alopecia and explain the causes of hair thinning?

Hair loss is a common problem in both male and female, but the male is more prone to this condition. Well, everyone experience hair fall condition in life, it can be cured itself, but not every time. So, if you are suffering from hair fall problem, then you need to undergo the surgical procedure, that is known as hair transplant in Punjab.

In addition to this, there are three phases of hair growth cycle such as-:

Anagen-: This is additionally known as the active hair growth phase, which lasts between two to six years.

Catagen-: This is additionally known as the transitional hair growth phase, and this phase lasts two to three weeks.

Telogen phase-: This is the last phase of hair growth, which is additionally known as the resting phase. And this phase usually lasts up to two to three months. After completion of this phase, a new hair growth cycle starts from the Anagen phase.

After understanding the hair growth cycle, you need to understand the types of hair loss or alopecia.

Types of alopecia

Involutional alopecia

This type of alopecia is explained as a natural hair loss, in this type your hair gradually starts falling when you reach 50 or 60 years. In this type, hair usually enters into the resting phase, and you will experience the hair fall or thinning.

Androgenic alopecia

This type of alopecia is known as hereditary hair fall. This hair fall is caused due to a genetic condition, which is experienced by both men and women. If men experience this condition, then it is known as male pattern baldness, whereas if the female experience it, then this is called female pattern baldness. In addition to this, this condition is caused if your parents experienced this ever in life.

Alopecia areata

You may not know about this condition, because in this type of hair fall, your hair suddenly starts falling and sometime you may notice patchy hair loss. This patchy hair loss is common in adults and young people as well. In addition, this type of alopecia results in complete baldness, which can only be treated with surgical procedures.

Telogen effluvium

This is a temporary thinning of hair or hair fall on the scalp, which happens during the hair growth cycle. This only happens, when your hair enters into the resting phase, and there is no need to take tension about the treatment option.

Causes of hair loss and thinning

As we stated above, there are several causes of hair fall in both men and women.

  • The main cause of hair fall is Hormonal changes.

  • You may experience it due to genetic factors.

  • You may not be aware of it, you can experience this condition due to over-stress and several other medical conditions.

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