Why undergo rhinoplasty? Which treatment procedures are available with us?

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Why undergo rhinoplasty? Which treatment procedures are available with us?

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    Nose – The overall appearance impactor

    Why do we focus minutely on the characteristics of the mentee table whenever we are refurbishing our homes. Because we know, when guests or the customers will arrive at the house. They will first of all notice the centre table. The same is the case with your face as it is located in the centre of your face, people tend to notice it straightaway. Even if you are turning right or left, the side angle also brings about the deformation in the nose. But why worry, since rhinoplasty in Punjab has been introduced for a long time.

    In today’s blog we shall be known about this topic in-depth:

    Why do people choose to undergo the surgery?

    • Injuries

    If the individual has somehow got his nose injured and because of which the nose has become deformed, then the people heavily count on the rhinoplasty surgery.

    • Aesthetic reasons

    To look good on TV or Ramps, many models consider undergoing rhinoplasty as they do not find their nose complementing the other facial features.

    • Breathing disorders

    If owing to any structural problem, the individual is facing breathing issues, then the dermatologist often refers such patients to cosmetic surgeons as they would help them to get rid of the issue.

    • Sleep apnea

    Sleep apnea is the problem in which the patient cannot take a sound sleep during the night because of the constant stoppage of breathing after time intervals. Then the patient feels restless. This situation also demands cosmetic surgery.

    Which procedures can help in this regard?

    Following procedures are usually counted useful:

    • Revision rhinoplasty

    Revision rhinoplasty is the second time performance of the procedure since the patient is not studied with the results of the first surgery.

    • Nasal obstruction surgery

    If the blockage in the nasal passage has become a constant source of trouble for you, then it has to be treated with nasal obstruction surgery. The passage is hindered owing to injuries or age-related complications.

    • Septoplasty

    Owing to the injuries or other medical conditions, the septum may encounter displacement and because of that the following problems will come into origin:

    • Persistent Bleeding through nose
    • Sinus attacks
    • Facial pain

    FAQs about the RECOVERY & RESULT of Rhinoplasty

    Many people are interested in the recovery and results of the rhinoplasty procedure more than the mechanism of the procedure.

    • What kind of discomfort will you experience?

    Since it is an amelioration surgery, to make your face adapt to changes in the structure of the nose, some swelling and bruising will be on cards.

    • Can I return to work within a week?

    Yes, sure you can surely return to work within a week.

    • When will I notice the results of the procedure?

    The results of the procedure will be shown up as soon as the swelling gets faded and you have successfully gone through the bruising stage.


    If after taking up surgery, you notice any undesirable changes or even unendurable pain, do not wait even for a second to visit the dermatologist.

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