Why is my scalp red after a hair transplant? Is it normal? When will it fade away?

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Why is my scalp red after a hair transplant? Is it normal? When will it fade away?

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    Undergoing Hair Transplant in Ludhiana is one of the most opted-up solutions by hair loss patients. The one major factor for this is Hair Transplant Cost. It is as economical and pocket-friendly as you can think. But the cost only comes out to be worth it if the individuals follow all the suggestions of the doctors for the successful result-oriented recovery period.

    We always advise our patients to feel free in clearing their doubts by asking questions about happenings in the recovery period. One of such questions asked by our patients is as follow:

    Why does my scalp emerge red after the hair transplantation?

    Since hair transplantation is the invasive kind of procedure in which the extraction and the transplantation are two crucial phases that take place, then we can expect the scalp to come out with redness after the procedure. It is completely normal. You need to bother thinking about it.

    Scientific Logic Behind Redness

    The area which is to be healed experiences the great flow of the blood along with the nutrients So when the amount of the blood supply increases for the particular region, then the scalp emerges as red.

    Please Note:

    The redness after the procedure is suffered by all but it emerges more for those patients who are having a lighter skin tone. The amount of redness is the same for all. But those who have a light skin tone reflect it the most.

    Another reason for the redness

    Since so many holes do have formed in the donor and the recipient area, it is quite normal and natural for the scalp to experience the scabs and the crusts. When you wish your recipient area, then some redness is sure to be encountered.

    What am I supposed to do about it?

    Since it is one of the parts of the procedure, patients need not bother about it. But if you want to lighten it, then you can follow the below-mentioned measures but if you are thinking of the complete elimination, then it is not possible:

    • Make sure you are not exposing your head under the shower
    • Do not go outside without covering your head.

    After how long the redness will go off on its own?

    The redness which is experienced after the hair transplantation does vary depending upon the medical condition and traits of the body of the patient. It is expected to fade away within 3 to 4 weeks, if it does not fade away on its own within the said period, then it’s better to inform the cosmetic surgeon ( who has carried out the surgery) about this.

    Final Comments!

    The redness to be experienced on the scalp is completely normal if it is only staying for about 3 to 4 weeks. But if it stays for two months or more, then it is signifying the tack of some kind of infection on your scalp which needs to be curbed if possible.

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