Why is FUE hair transplant considered the best method to curb hair loss?

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Why is FUE hair transplant considered the best method to curb hair loss?

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    Medical advancements have proved beneficial in several ways. The improved technology has allowed us to get the desired looks we want. With cosmetic surgery, we can have the desired figure or improve facial features. Not only that, but we can curb the hair loss issue once and for all. One of them is theĀ hair transplant. Undergoing treatment is beneficial for patients dealing with hair loss. To get the desired outcomes.

    What is FUE?

    FUE stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation. It is one of the advanced treatment options. FUE method is minimally invasive and the most preferred surgical method. With this approach, the hair follicles are detached from the scalp one by one from the donor site and transplanted where hair growth is extremely less.

    If the availability of grafts is less on the donor area then the hair follicles are taken from the chest, arms, legs, beard, and sides of the scalp.

    FUE treatment is a permanent and one-time solution & this is the reason its popularity has increased all over the world. If we compare the method with conventional surgeries, then the results are completely different.

    Reduced pain and discomfort

    With this advanced treatment, the patient experiences less pain and discomfort. Moreover, you can get back to your normal routine within less time. After the surgery, there is no problem with stitches, and the problem results in no pain.

    The patient is administered local anesthesia which numbs the area to be treated. The hair follicles are extracted with a tiny puncture which means there is no scar after the treatment. It takes a few days for the swelling and pain to reduce. After that, you are allowed to get back to your normal regime.

    Moreover, you can wash and style your hair like normal. Just ensure that you take into consideration what your surgeon has told you so that the best possible outcomes are achieved.

    The success rate of FUE transplant

    No doubt, one-time treatment is enough to deal with hair loss. The success rate of FUE depends on the surgeon you have selected and their experience. For the best possible outcomes, the surgeon will tell you all the steps you need to follow and how to take care of the hair after the treatment.

    You must keep your goals realistic and consult the doctor about what type of results you can expect. However, there is no other treatment that can give you the same level of thickness.

    Why is the FUE considered better?

    This way with utmost precision the grafts are placed on the problematic area.

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