Which are the do’s and don’ts to follow after the hair transplantation?

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Which are the do’s and don’ts to follow after the hair transplantation?

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    The long-lasting nature of the hair transplant in Punjab is only determined if the person is taking into account the following mentioned do’s and don’ts:


    • Make someone drive you home

    It is always suggested to our patients to take the help of the family member or the relative to make them reach home. Since driving a car or riding a bicycle immediately after the procedure is not conducive for the individual.

    • Remember all the instructions

    You should not forget any of the instructions as listed by the dermatologist after the procedure.

    • Keep the scalp dry

    The scalp should be retained dry for the first day after the procedure. Because the wet scalp would create dislodgement of the hair follicles.

    • Remember all the instructions

    When you will be going home, then the doctor will instruct you about some guidelines which you should quintessentially take care of for a speedy recovery.

    • Take the painkillers

    In case you are experiencing unendurable pain, only then you should opt up for intaking pain killers. Otherwise, the ice packs will help. Try to avoid the pain relievers as they will cause a change in the blood supply rate.

    • The scalp should be clean

    Make sure you are keeping the scalp clean. Not only the scalp but the areas adjoining the scalp should also be kept clean.

    • Sleep in an upright position

    This is the crucial part of all the instructions. Since it will create nearly a 40% effect on the overall recovery.

    • Use of the ice packs

    The ice packs should be applied in case the swelling is bothering you. But make sure you are not following any other measure unless the doctor suggests you do so.

    • Hair washing

    The hair should only be washed when the doctor instructs you to do so. For the good 4 days after the procedure, the doctor may suggest you refrain from hair washing. And yes, you should not be using any shampoo on the earth. Take consultation of the doctor in this regard.


    • No exposure to the sunlight

    You are advised not to get yourself exposed to the sunlight as the radiations of the sun may produce a negative effect on the transplanted hair follicles.

    • No touching

    I know you are excited to touch the transplanted hair. But for some time, you should avoid it as it will lead to the disorganization of the hair follicles.

    • Don’t smoke

    You should not be smoking or taking alcohol during the recovery period since it will hinder the flow of the blood to reach the scalp.

    • Don’t engage in the sweat causing activity

    There are so many sweat causing activities that you might not be engaging in like the following:

    • Sports
    • Weight lifting
    • Gyming
    • Cooking (the heat may cause you to sweat)


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