When to undergo liposuction surgery? What happens during liposuction?

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When to undergo liposuction surgery? What happens during liposuction?

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    Liposuction surgery: Removes unwanted fat from the body

    Have you been finding it difficult to get rid of extra fat? It can be challenging at times and easy to lose hope when diet & exercise won’t make any difference. Over time the fat begins to get accumulated on the skin and muscle. And that’s where liposuction surgery comes into the picture to remove unwanted fat from different body parts. It’s one of the most modern and safe approaches to Cosmetic Surgery in Punjab when performed under the supervision of experienced cosmetic surgeons.

    Liposuction Surgery in Ludhiana has gotten much attention because it works and provides necessary results. The method is based on the liposuction technique to address the problem of excess fat that accumulates on the hips, thighs, arms, neck, and buttocks.

    Ideal candidate to undergo liposuction surgery

    Liposuction is an effective method in terms of cosmetic surgery. The procedure gets much attention when lifestyle changes do not offer the appropriate results. So, when exercise and diet won’t give the appropriate results liposuction surgery is suggested.

    Liposuction is based upon a suction method to target the fat cells in different locations. The surgeon consider given factors:

    • Have 30% of the optimum body weight
    • Firm and elastic skin
    • Adequate muscular tone
    • Good overall health
    • Do not smoke

    If someone has a life-threatening condition, they are not eligible. And that’s the reason the cosmetic surgeon always checks whether you are eligible to undergo the procedure or not.

    Candidates who are not eligible for liposuction surgery

    It’s mandatory to consult a cosmetic surgeon before you get yourself on the journey of liposuction. There are a few candidates who should avoid liposuction surgery are:

    • Individuals who smoke
    • Have a weak immune system
    • Overweight
    • Have saggy skin
    • History of diabetes
    • Heart disease
    • Seizures or DVT
    • Take blood thinners because they can lead to bleeding

    Liposuction procedure

    The liposuction surgery is performed by an experienced and skilled surgeon who knows the treatment. Moreover, they follow stringent safety rules and give the most effective results. The doctor will tell you in advance if you need an overnight stay. And he will discuss in advance the type of anesthesia that needs to be used for surgery.

    The doctor inserts a tiny tube named a cannula to take out the unwanted fat. Before extracting the fat, the doctor puts it in a sterile solution. With the solution application, it’s easier to take the fat out causing less pain and less blood loss. The doctor will discuss your entire procedure in advance with you so that you get the time to prepare yourself.

    Post-care care with liposuction

    You can expect bruising and swelling for at least one week after the surgery. Additionally, you must wear the compression garment for the said period after the surgery to get the necessary results.

    Final word

    If you are looking for one then schedule an initial consultation at Profile Forte to make an informed decision.

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