What to wear after getting a hair transplantation surgery?

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What to wear after getting a hair transplantation surgery?

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A hair transplant is the best way to treat hair loss condition in both men and women. If you are also suffering from hair fall problem, then you must visit the hair loss specialist. He will examine you first and then tell you what to do to get rid of this condition. And then he may recommend you to undergo hair transplantation. No doubt, this treatment offers you several benefits, but you have to follow several instructions from your surgeon.

What to do for better recovery of hair transplantation?

  • After getting a hair transplant surgical procedure, you need to wait for some time for better recovery.
  • You must avoid going outside in the direct sunlight. It will surely harm your newly transplanted hair.
  • You do not even try to touch your hair as well as scalp.
  • You must apply ice cubes on your forehead to reduce the risk of swelling around the transplanted area. Make sure you do not apply ice cubes on the transplanted region and must wrap ice cubes in a paper, then try to rub the area.
  • You must avoid washing the transplanted area immediately after getting hair transplantation.

Several people ask us what to wear after getting hair transplant surgery. You must talk to your surgeon about clothes and certain other things.

What to wear after getting a hair transplant surgery?

On the day of the procedure, your surgeon instructs you to wear comfortable as well as loose-fitting clothes. In this way, your clothes do not disturb the newly transplanted grafts when you take off and wear the clothes. In addition to this, if you are getting hair transplant surgery in hot countries such as Dubai and Manila, then your surgeon strictly recommends you to wear loose and comfortable clothes.

You have to follow these instructions until the procedures complete. It may take almost 10 days, so you have to wear loose and comfortable clothes for at least 10 days.

Well, newly transplanted hair takes almost 10 days to grow, so you have to take care of your hair and scalp properly for better recovery. And it will take almost 6 months to show results. So, you must wait for almost 6 months to get proper hair growth.

When is the right time to wear a hat after getting a hair transplant?

You do not try to wear a hat or cap immediately after getting hair transplantation. So, You must wait for some time, because it may harm your newly transplanted hair badly. As we stated above, recovery from hair transplantation may take almost two days.

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