What makes a hair transplant proven shot to have hair regrowth?

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What makes a hair transplant proven shot to have hair regrowth?

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    Hair Transplant: Bring back your lost confidence

    Hair Loss!

    One of the most problematic states for men and women. Losing 50 to 100 hair is normal, but if that count keeps on increasing, the problem will only worsen with time. The problem is not just hair loss because it does affect the person psychologically and negatively impacts emotional well-being. For this situation, Hair Transplant in Punjab is the ultimate solution to manage the condition in all possible ways and see the critical difference in hair growth for yourself.

    Ideal candidate for hair transplant

    25 to 35 years old individuals are the ones who complain about hair loss. Indeed! Losing hair at such a young age is a concern in itself and taking prompt measures for the same is essential. A hair transplant is a perfect answer to deal with male pattern baldness and address the problem under all possible considerations. Seeking the ultimate treatment plan on time is essential and under the expertise of a skilled hair restoration surgeon. So, the ideal age suggested for hair transplant treatment is 25 years, as, by that time, the hair loss pattern is made.

    Economical hair transplant cost

    Let me give you one most important reason to get hair restoration treatment. The Hair Transplant Cost is on the economic side. So, take out the thought from your mind, ‘I cannot bear the hair transplant treatment cost.’ On average, the hair transplant cost is around Rs 40,000. The doctor evaluates your condition thoroughly to determine the following and then let you know about the treatment cost:

    • Total number of grafts required
    • Type of hair transplant treatment
    • Doctor’s expertise
    • Clinic location

    It’s the combination of factors that determines the treatment cost. Moreover, it’s right to say that the treatment plan is based on an individualized approach.

    Give yourself the gift of experiencing life-changing benefits

    Don’t let hair loss take your shine and confidence away. Don’t you ever wonder, ‘What’s the reason behind increasing demand for hair transplant?’ Well, it’s because the treatment gives natural-looking and permanent hair growth, which is not possible with any available over-the-counter medications or traditional approach. Overall, the treatment is worth opting for to revive lost hair growth.

    Expected results within 8 to 12 months

    Hair transplant treatment expected results are seen within 8 to 12 months. Following surgery, it’s essential to take the best care of yourself and follow the necessary guidelines shared by your medical expert. No doubt, every person is different from one another, and the way your body feels is different compared to other people. So, be mindful of every step that you take, and under the said time, you will be able to see the results.

    Schedule your initial consultation

    If you are thinking about getting hair transplant treatment, schedule an initial appointment at Profile Forte. The expertise of Dr. Vikas Gupta is what you need to bring back your lost hair growth. For further information, book your work at the earliest.

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