What is the difference between Acne scars and acne marks? How to identify acne marks?

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What is the difference between Acne scars and acne marks? How to identify acne marks?

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    Pimples, Acne, and Scars are what annoys the one who has it. The individual suffering from these gets very frustrated. Ultimately, he ends up searching for the ‘Best treatment for acne, scar, and pimples’. What he encounters on the top of his search is Acne Scars Treatment in Ludhiana’. In Ludhiana, these problems are treated with gentle care and effective treatment.

    • Can acne marks and acne scars be used interchangeably?

    No, Acne marks and acne scars can not be used interchangeably. It is because of the difference in their nature. So before anything else, let us understand the difference between them both:

    If you have pimples and after taking up effective home remedies or treatment, these have gone away. But if you found the discoloration in that zone where pimple had occurred, it may be because of the acne mark. It is relevant to note here, that discoloration is a mark, not a scar.

    • How to judge whether it is a scar or a mark?

    There is a very simple way to judge that, if you are encountering the smooth skin in the discoloration area, it is the indication of the acne mark and not of a scar.

    • What is the implication of an acne scar?

    An acne scar can be defined as the one which completely spoils the texture of your skin. Once in a while, it also brings about the acne scars that have resulted in the raised or uplifted spots. These scars cause considerable damage to the appearance of the individual. This also indicates that the damage is too intense that it has made its way through the deeper levels of your skin.

    • What is the main reason for the emerging acne scars?

    First and foremost, scars give you the insight that your skin is thoroughly damaged at the specific zones. The skin itself tries to heal by making the collagen and blood cells rush to the damaged zone of the skin. But they didn’t heal the skin completely and thoroughly. Especially when the acne is severe, it becomes too tough for the skin to heal all by itself.

    • How many variegated genus of acne scars are there?

    It is of the highest vitality to recognize the genus of the acne scars before exposing them to any kind of treatment.

    There are fundamentally three species of scars which are written below:

    • Depressed
    • Raised
    • Discolored
    • How to identify different species of scars?

    It is very easy to identify or recognize the scars depending upon their appearance:

    • If your car type is depressed, then they would be going deep inside your skin.
    • In the case of the raised scar, as the name itself suggests, appears as if it is rising from the skin.
    • If the scar is discolored then its coloration will differ from your actual skin tone. It may appear lighter, redder, or even immensely darker.

    Final thoughts

    Acne scarring is usually misunderstood based upon its appearance. If the acne scars are of brown color, then it is not acne scar. In the case of acne scars, a change in texture is something that ought to happen but the discoloration is not always and forever.

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