What is male pattern baldness? What are the symptoms and treatment for MPB?

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What is male pattern baldness? What are the symptoms and treatment for MPB?

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    Male Pattern Baldness (MPB)

    One of the stats has shown that around 50% of males struggle with male pattern baldness. The problem occurs when you notice hair loss from the sides and front and the crown area getting thin. If you are struggling through the same, you need to get treatment for hair loss at the earliest.

    MPB, also called Androgenetic Alopecia, has a higher prevalence rate in individuals above the age of 50 or more. Although, the problem can occur when someone is in their 20s or 30s. You must consult the most experienced cosmetic surgeon who can personalize the treatment plan depending upon your condition. The surgical skills and use of advanced technology allow hair loss treatment and many other approaches like Laser Hair Removal in Ludhiana to be performed effectively. So, you must always choose a trained surgeon who has a thorough understanding of the surgery.

    What are the causes of male pattern baldness?

    One of the major reasons is hereditary factors. Genetics is the major culprit in the family history of baldness. Other than that increase in androgen, i.e., male sex hormone increases testosterone production in the body. When the hormones fluctuate, there are higher chances of having trouble managing their health like normal. There’s a high possibility that the condition can lead to permanent hair loss. If you are struggling with the same condition, consult the hair restoration surgeon for a Hair Transplant in Ludhiana to get your hair loss in a manageable state.

    What are the symptoms of male pattern baldness?

    One of the most apparent symptoms is hair loss. If you have begun noticing hair loss, the count of 60 to 100, you need prompt medical assistance. Here are the most common symptoms that point toward getting treatment for male pattern baldness:

    • Receding hairline
    • Thinning crown
    • Diffuse thinning

    Sometimes when the symptoms are at the initial stages, it might be tough to notice what’s the issue. Therefore, medical assistance guarantees you know better what to do next.

    What are the treatment options for male pattern baldness?

    The male pattern of baldness includes several treatment options like:

    • Medications

    Initially, you are given medications like minoxidil and finasteride. For the initial stages of hair loss, the medications work the best. But, always ensure you take these medications under the doctor’s supervision.

    • Hair transplant surgery

    Now, let’s talk about the surgery that has changed the entire dynamics of the hair restoration industry. Undergoing hair transplant treatment helps you have desired hair growth and leads to permanent & natural-looking results. The doctor will suggest whether to get FUE or FUT to manage the situation most reliably.

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