What is coolsculpting? How does it work and how the procedure is done?

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What is coolsculpting? How does it work and how the procedure is done?

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    What is CoolSculpting?

    Coolsculpting is a procedure for fat reduction which is non-invasive. This procedure does not include the use of incisions, needles, and anesthesia. In this approach, the fat is cooled down to the point that the targeted fat cells are destroyed and the body absorbs it. To get the treatment with the desired out-turn you should choose the best doctor for Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing in Punjab. This is true, that the Best Coolsculpting Surgeon in Ludhiana will have the highest success rate.


    How much does the coolsculpting procedure cost?

    During the initial consultation, you should ask the surgeon about the cost and how your treatment plan will be made.


    How is the procedure safe?

    Back in 2012, the FDA cleared the procedure of coolsculpting. Many procedures have been performed all over the world. After the procedure, you may experience side effects but they are temporary. It includes sensitivity, bruising, and swelling which will go away within a few days.


    How does the coolsculpting procedure work?

    Coolsculpting comes from cryolipolysis in which the cellular response helps in breaking down the fatty tissues. From the fat layers, the energy is extracted, and this way the fat cells are processed & won’t affect the nearby tissues, muscles, and nerves.


    How does the coolsculpting procedure work?

    The trained or doctor healthcare provider will carry out the procedure through the use of handheld devices. The applicator attached to the device gives the appearance of the vacuum cleaner.

    The doctor will begin the treatment by applying the gel pad to the targeted area. On the targeted fat, the cooling effect will be delivered. The device is moved over the skin to perform the suction & cooling method on the problematic area.

    During the procedure, it is common to experience a feeling of pinching and pulling. Although the pain experienced is minimal. Right after the treatment, the targeted area will be massaged and the destroyed fat cells are destroyed. In total, the procedure will take 1 to 3 hours to carry out effectively.


    What areas can be targeted through coolsculpting?

    Through the coolsculpting procedure, here are some of the areas which can be targeted like:

    • Arms
    • Upper and lower abdomen
    • Chin area (or double chin)
    • Inner & outer thighs
    • Flanks (or love handles)
    • Bra and back fat
    • Underneath the buttocks (or banana roll)


    How to prepare for coolsculpting?

    With the coolsculpting procedure, you do not have to make too much preparation. But you need to make sure that your body is healthy and you need to be under your ideal body weight. This option is not a weight loss solution and if the person is overweight or obese.

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