What are the topmost reasons behind hair fall condition in ladies?

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What are the topmost reasons behind hair fall condition in ladies?

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Hair loss is not only a problem of men, but this is also experienced by women. Well, there are millions of ladies who are suffering from hair fall problem. This is a very embarrassing thing for them because long, as well as strong hair, directly contributes to beauty.

In this condition, you need to discuss your problem with hair loss specialist, because only he can tell you the reason behind this as well as how to get rid of this condition. You may need to undergo hair transplant, this is a surgical procedure which is the best and most well-known treatment to get rid of excessive hair fall. To undergo this treatment, you have to know the reasons behind hair fall in women.

Reasons behind hair fall in women

Poor hair habits

You may not know that using too much hair styling products are too harmful to your hair. If you are using too many hairdryers, straighteners, and so on products, then these will lead you to dandruff as well as dryness. Or these are also harmful to hair follicles, these type of products stops the hair growth. Well, not only styling products but also too much shampoo and conditioner are also harmful to your hair. As these contain too many harmful chemicals, which directly affect hair growth and your hair starts falling.


Yes, there are some medications that result in hair fall or other scalp problems too. Not only medications but if you undergo a certain type of surgery, you will surely start noticing hair fall. For instance, if a woman is suffering from a cancer problem, then she will surely experience baldness or hair fall. In addition to cancer treatment include radiation or chemotherapy both lead to baldness. Since these do not only kill cancer growth cells but also affect the useful cells which further results in several other conditions too.

Hormones fluctuations

Women have two types of hormones like estrogen and progesterone. These are useful for better hair growth and regulate your reproductive organs too. However, fluctuations in the hormone levels result in the hair loss problem. This usually occurs in the pregnancy period, thyroid problems, and so on.

Poor lifestyle habits

Poor eating habits and other lifestyle habits result in hair problems. If you are not eating a healthy and balanced diet, then you will surely suffer from several problems. Additionally, this also results in a lack of protein, iron, and other essential nutrients. So, you have to eat the right amount of nutrients that will help you to grow hair faster and reduce the risk of hair fall condition.


Yes, taking too much stress results in hormone fluctuations. As we said earlier, fluctuation in hormones results in hair fall and bald spots too. So, you have to control your stress with the help of stress relief therapies.
Several ladies are suffering from hair fall due to genetic factors.

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