What are the merits of eyebrow transplant? How to do post-operative care?

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What are the merits of eyebrow transplant? How to do post-operative care?

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    No doubt the eyebrow pencils help you to gain the aesthetics of the perfect eyebrow. But..What after they get faded? You will be again posing for the camera without those personality enhancing eyebrows. What if, I tell you, the eyebrow transplant in Punjab is available? Would you be surprised? If yes, then get ready to be astonished by the variegated aspects of the eyebrow transplant:

    What are the advantages of undergoing the eyebrow transplant procedure?

    Following are the notable benefits of undergoing the procedure:

    • Safe

    Many people approached us with the concern that their skin is so sensitive. So is it safe for them to proceed with the eyebrow transplant? As told by a reputable dermatologist, the eyebrow transplant is completely safe if it is performed by an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

    • Cost-effective

    The people who do not take up the procedure are usually worried about the costs of the procedure. If you are opting up for the eyebrow transplant and have chosen us to accomplish the same, then you can remain doubt-free and worry-free about the cost.

    • Permanent

    Hair comes from the sixer of this technique. The results obtained from this method are usually permanent and do not go off with time.

    • Local anaesthesia

    This procedure does not need the patient to be in the effect of the local anaesthesia, Rather local anaesthesia will also serve the purpose.

    • No stay required

    Usually, the procedure requires the patient to stay in the hospital for observation. Since our approach to the eyebrow transplant is best, so no complications and risks are associated with it.

    How to do post-operative care?

    • No touching

    Do not touch the eyebrows for almost two wells as it will dislodge the transplanted hair. Only a single touch will be enough to make a disaster of the facial appearance.

    • Spray saline solution

    You will be provided with the saline solution that has to be sprayed at regular intervals. Make sure you are not forgetting this.

    • Do not wash face

    You will only be allowed to wash the face or eyebrow, once a time of 24 hours has passed. And also the eyebrows are to be washed with the suggested shampoo.

    • Avoid rubbing

    Do not run the region adjoining the eyebrow area.

    • Be ready for the redness

    Once the crusts will begin to fall off, you can expect the encounter of the redness right after one week has passed

    • Avoid exposure to the sun

    Do not expose your face to the sun for one month. Sunlight is not good for the transplanted hair at the eyebrow.

    What is the cost of eyebrow transplantation?

    The cost of eyebrow transplantation varies depending upon the following factors:

    • The expertise and the qualifications of the patient
    • The location of the clinic
    • The technique of the transplantation

    Bottom Line

    For the desired results and outcomes of the eyebrow transplantations, you must take up the treatment from the Profile clinic. So what are you waiting for? Book your consultation right away.

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