What are the important tips for faster Hair Transplant Recovery?

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What are the important tips for faster Hair Transplant Recovery?

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Profile Cosmetic Surgery Centre Punjab: Are you planning to undergo hair transplant surgery? If yes, then you need to understand several things about hair transplants and why hair loss occurs. Since there are several people are suffering from hair fall problems. Some times, it can be cured itself, but not every time.

If you are unable to get rid of hair fall itself, then you need to undergo hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant in Punjab has two types such as Follicular Unit Extraction and Follicular Unit Transplantation. In which FUT is a traditional method whereas FUE is an advanced or recent method to treat hair fall.

So, you must choose the hair transplant method according to your hair fall condition. Well, aftercare is too necessary to get the best results of hair transplantation. 

Important tips for faster recovery of Hair transplantation.


You must avoid practicing heavy physical activities because these lead to excessive sweating. And you may not know that sweating is the reason behind irritation. In this condition, you start pulling your hair and this leads you to hair breakage. So, you must avoid excessive exercise at least for 10-15 days after getting hair transplantation.

Washing Your Hair

After getting hair transplantation, you need to understand how to wash your hair. In addition to this, you must avoid washing your hair for at least 48 hours after getting the hair transplantation. Well, you have to talk to your doctor, so that you can get the guidelines on how to wash hair. He may recommend not to go with harsh shampoo because these contain harmful chemicals. You only go with those shampoos which are prescribed by your surgeon.

Consume a healthy and balanced diet

You must consume a healthily and balance diet after getting hair transplantation. You must avoid eating oily spicy foods for at least several days, otherwise, you will surely experience irritation. That is responsible for hair fall or you may start pulling your transplanted hair in irritation condition. So, you must avoid these types of foods and stick to healthy nutrition.

Rub ice on forehead

You must rub ice on the forehead in order to reduce the risk of swelling. Make sure, you do not rub ice directly on the forehead, you must wrap an ice cube in a cotton cloth and then start rubbing it. Make sure, you do not rub the ice cubes on the transplanted area and hair.

Avoid smoking and alcohol

You must avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol before and after getting hair transplantation. Both drugs are responsible for several health conditions. These include hormonal problems, due to which you start experiencing hair fall even after getting hair transplantation. So, you have to quit smoking and limit your alcohol consumption as well.

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