What are the factors which determine the suitability of Hair Transplant?

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What are the factors which determine the suitability of Hair Transplant?

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    Profile Cosmetic Surgery Centre Punjab: Undergoing the hair transplant procedure is exciting and nerve-wracking. But, patients are always concerned about one thing is whether they are suitable candidates for the surgery or not. 


    Gender is different in terms of hair loss patterns and hair appearance. In the case of men, the hair loss pattern is localized in terms of thinning or balding with few hairs in some parts of the scalp.

    In the case of women, throughout the scalp, there is diffuse hair thinning. No doubt, both men and women can undergo the surgery. Your doctor will let you know by examining the condition what will be your treatment plan.

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    The hair loss pattern takes time to develop properly. So, getting it at an early age of life might increase the problem in the future. This thing can also impact the final results of the treatment which means desired results will not be achieved. If you are below the age of 25 then the option of medications is the best choice.

    Hair loss severity

    The extent of hair loss is also essential. Once, the hair loss pattern has stopped, the surgeon can determine the total number of grafts needed for the surgery so that desired results are achieved. Just make sure that you choose the best surgeon for the treatment who is qualified and experienced.

    If you are not able to find one then you should consult our surgeon. The entire team and staff are top-rated and make sure your hair loss problem is solved.

    Scalp Laxity

    Scalp laxity is linked with the degree of scalp elasticity. This is also an important factor in selecting a suitable candidate for the treatment. In general, it means, the greater laxity will make possible to transplant larger grafts on the scalp.

    Hair type

    For the effective hair transplant session, the hair type is also considered. With different hair type, the desired results are also different. Better coverage is possible with thick and coarse hair as compared to thin hair. In terms of coverage, wavy and curly hair is a better choice.

    Hair density

    Another essential factor in determining the results of the hair transplant procedure is to check the availability of the donor’s hair. Once the hair loss is stabilized it helps in determining the total number of grafts. This way it also gives an option to get better results.


    To select the best candidate for the procedure the racial background is determined. During the consultation, the doctor will examine your condition and according to that, they will let you know how the treatment plan will be made for you.



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