What are the different types of facelift and which one is best for you?

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What are the different types of facelift and which one is best for you?

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    Facial rejuvenation is one of the most demanding procedures in cosmetic surgery. Face Lift Surgery in Punjab technique has improved a lot with time and it is the best approach to reduce the signs of facial aging. Consulting the best plastic surgeon will help you come across the best option which gives you a youthful-looking appearance. In this blog, we have shared the different types of facelift which you can choose from to get the results you want.

    Types of Facelift

    Liquid facelift

    Liquid facelifts are in the injectable form which is made from lactic acid, hyaluronic acids, or hydroxyapatite. With the non-surgical approach, calcium is used to smooth the folds and creases and hollow areas are filled. Some of the most popular options are:

    • Voluma
    • Sculptra
    • Juvederm

    Jawline rejuvenation

    Jawline rejuvenation is the best to revitalize the area between the upper jaw and neck. Under this method, excess fat is taken away and the jawline is sculpted. The harvested fat can be injected back to the midface and cheek. If you have minimal skin laxity, then this is the best option.

    Mini-face lift

    During mini-facelift, smaller incisions are made and this is the reason it is less invasive. The incision is made under the hairline cover. The method allows to make the skin tight and excess is removed which gives you the result you are looking for. If you have early signs of aging then it is the best choice for you.


    The S-lift approach is best to treat the jowls and neck. The doctor will make the s-shaped incision which makes the skin and tissue beneath it separate from each other. The skin is lifted which makes the tissue and muscles tight. The doctor will close the incision with sutures. With this approach, the recovery time is shorter.


    With mid-lift, the doctor will treat the cheek area and a small incision is made. The incisions made within the mouth and above the ear hairline will make the area tight.

    Cutaneous Lift (Skin Only)

    With this approach, the neck and lower face area are treated. The incision is made around the ear and hairline which allows the skin to get dissected. The incision which is made allows it to stretch the skin and give you the results you need. But this approach is not durable as compared to other options.

    Temporal Facelift or Brow Lift

    If you want to improve the brow area, then this approach will work the best for you. Through this approach, it will give your eyebrows the lift you need. The doctor will make the incisions on your hairline or within the hair present on the lower hairline. The side of the brows will be lifted through this approach.

    Wrap up

    If you are looking for a facelift and you think any of these options is best for you, then you should book your consultation with us.

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