What are scabs after a hair transplant? What are the steps to remove them?

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What are scabs after a hair transplant? What are the steps to remove them?

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    What are scabs after a hair transplant?
    So, you have undergone the Hair Transplant in Punjab, and now is the time to notice the results from the surgery. There will be a point where you notice scabs and get worried thinking, ‘What exactly is it?’
    To give you peace of mind, this state is completely normal and this takes place because of the trauma the scalp goes through during the surgery. The wounds will create a layer of scabs that act as a protective layer.

    When you will notice scab formation?
    Following the 3rd day after surgery, you are going to notice the scab formation. But, you must take proper care from time to time and take the necessary measures to remove them carefully. If you don’t then it can do more harm than good.

    What are the ways to remove scabs?
    Scabs that are formed on the scalp need to be removed regularly so that the new hair follicles get the time to breathe. However, it needs to be done with utmost caution so that the new hair follicles are not damaged. Consider the following tips:

    Wash your hair after 72 hours of undergoing surgery
    Following 72 hours of surgery, you must wash your hair. This is done for the following reasons:
    • Remove scab formation from the donor area
    • Allow the new follicles to have breathing space
    This way the healing goes quickly and on time. Make sure to use a mild shampoo, it would be better if you use the baby shampoo as it contains minimal chemicals.

    Apply water and baby oil
    Put baby oil in the bathtub and let your head soak in it which allows the scab to be removed easily.

    Never pick the scab with hand
    Following surgery, the donor area might feel itchy and you feel like scratching, but you need to avoid it. You should never pick the scabs by hand because the nails can damage the growth of new follicles and results will be affected.

    Use the saline spray as recommended by a doctor
    Your doctor can suggest you use the saline spray as it allows the healing process to happen quickly. If your scalp feels itchy then also it can act as a soothing agent.

    Gently massage the scalp
    Massage the donor area by submerging it underwater. This allows the massage to be done easily and prevents the chances to have any injury.

    Allow the scabs to dry
    The scabs can feel itchy but you must let them dry. When they are dried, they may wither away on their own. When the skin heals naturally, the outcomes are going to be the best.

    Normal massage on the 13th day
    The 13th day after the surgery will allow the scalp to heal normally and after this, you can regularly massage the scalp. Through this approach, the remaining scabs on the scalp will be removed.

    Will my hair fall out with scabs after surgery?

    If you notice hair falling off after a hair transplant with scabs, then it is a normal site. You can rest assured as there is new hair growth and within some time you are going to notice natural-looking hair growth.

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