What all you need to know about the breast reduction procedure in India?

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What all you need to know about the breast reduction procedure in India?

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    What is breast reduction surgery?

    In medical terms, this surgery is known as mammoplasty. The procedure is helpful to reduce breast size. Breast reduction surgery in Punjab is one of the most common cosmetic treatments.

    What are the uses of breast reduction?

    Most importantly, the back pain is reduced due to a large breast. Apart from that, it can lead to neck and shoulder pain. If you have large breasts, it will make it difficult for you to do exercise and even perform other activities. Also, the individuals will feel self-conscious the way they need.

    How does the doctor determine you are the perfect candidate for the treatment?

    The doctor will perform breast evaluation which includes:

    • A routine breast examination
    • a mammogram
    • Going through a person’s medical history
    • Urine, blood, and other lab tests

    What is the procedure of mammoplasty?

    The doctor will suggest you stop the intake of anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin as they increase the chances of bleeding. It is important for people to quit smoking, drinking, vaping, or use of any harmful product as it increases the risk of:

    • Damage to areola or nipple
    • Tissue necrosis

    The procedure is done under the effect of general anesthesia and an incision is made around the areola. Following that incision is made below the breast and then excess skin is removed.

    Once the incision is made, the surgeon removes the excess breast tissue, reshapes the remaining one, and repositions the desired area. The area is closed carefully with sutures.

    Free nipple graft is done if the breast size is large. In this case, the areolas and nipple are removed from the body & placed back in their area. Although, after the procedure, the new position will not feel anything or it remains numb for a lifetime.

    A gauze bandage is wrapped around the desired area and a small tube is insured which helps to take away the excess fluid out from the body. The patient should not shower till the time drain is not removed.

    What does the recovery feel like?

    After the surgery, you can go back to your home. Before you go back to your place, the doctor will give the list of instructions that you need to keep in mind. The doctor will suggest to you topical & oral medications which reduce the infection & scarring.

    You must take enough rest to allow your body to heal.

    Following the surgery, you should take help from others as you cannot lift the arms. Also, do not follow a strenuous workout regime.

    Final thought

    Well, undergoing the procedure is safe and it is known for boosting women’s confidence along with appearance. The procedure comes with minimal risk. If you are considering undergoing the treatment, then you should book your initial consultation with the best cosmetic surgeon. You should book your appointment with our cosmetic surgeon as his years of experience will help you get the right treatment approach to see the best results.

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