Which are the top ways to remove the scar after the hair transplant procedure?

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Which are the top ways to remove the scar after the hair transplant procedure?

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    Okay! So, are you planning to undergo a Hair Transplant in Punjab? You have properly asked the doctor about the treatment, hair transplant cost, and every possible thing. But when you searched over the net you got to know about the scar problem after the hair transplant treatment. Is it making you dicey on what to do and whether this surgery is the right choice for you or not?

    Scarring after the hair transplant

    Well! That depends on the hair transplant procedure you choose to get. The decision to choose the right technique will be based on different factors which are:

    • The scarring you are expecting
    • Quality and amount of donor’s hair
    • Hair loss pattern
    • Total area on the scalp where hair has got thin

    The final choice on the type of hair transplant will be based on considering your entire condition and your doctor will discuss everything with you in detail.

    There are various options out there that can work effectively to deal with scar tissue. But, bear in mind these procedures are not always going to give you the guaranteed or expected results you want. Some scarring will be left after the procedure.

    How can you conceal the scars?

    Concealing around the scars is an option that many patients choose to do. Specifically for the hair growth over the donor area, that this option is best. Although, some scars will be difficult to blend into the skin. Here we are talking about the keloid scars which are larger than the original scars and their growth over the months or years.

    Which are the procedures for hair transplant scar removal?

    Scalp micropigmentation (SMP)

    SMP is known as a medical hairline tattoo or scalp hair tattooing. During this procedure, the injected pigment is put into the scalp and this is done permanently. Through this, your hair growth will be thicker. Whether you have undergone FUE or FUT, you can choose SMP for both options. It might be possible, the total session required for it is more than expected. You can expect slight discomfort also.

    Tricopigmentation (TMP)

    If you want something temporary then you can select this option. TMP uses ink which is semi-permanent and then it is inserted into the dermis top layer. The total time to ink the layer can be between 6 months to 3 years. In many cases, the patient feels a lot of discomfort. You can discuss the same with your doctor.

    Laser treatment

    During laser treatment, the scar appearance is reduced to a great extent. In many cases, it is used along with both the procedures mentioned above. As the name suggests, a laser is used in this, which is known for taking away the damaged skin from the scalp surface. Although, the results of this will be different for every person.

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    There is no need to worry about anything as the hair transplant procedure is effective in itself. If you are planning to get the surgery, then schedule your initial consultation with us.

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