What are the types of rhinoplasty procedures and which one is best for me?

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What are the types of rhinoplasty procedures and which one is best for me?

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    Are you not happy with the way your nose looks or is there some problem? Thankfully, to the cosmetic surgery, all the problems can be addressed on time. One of the procedures which can prove beneficial is rhinoplasty. For every case, the way of doing the treatment will vary and depend on the patient’s condition.

    After the initial consultation, you will be told about which type of nose procedure will work the best for you.

    • Closed Rhinoplasty

    Dring closed nose surgery, the incision will be hidden under the nose and there is no external scar. Some of the perks of getting nose job surgery are:

    • Less downtime
    • The surgery takes less time
    • No external visible scar or incision
    • Less post-operative oedema

    Some of the limitations of this surgery are:

    • The procedure works only for mild dorsal corrections
    • The procedure is not effective to address the changes in septal cartilage and nasal tip.


    • Open Rhinoplasty

    During an open rhinoplasty, a small external incision is made between nostrils which are known as the columella. On each side, the incision is extended. The surgeon will have a direct vision when performing the surgery and the skin flap is elevated.

    • The procedure is reliable for a major case of nose reshaping
    • The procedure is best where the nasal framework needs to be done in excess.
    • This approach allows the surgeon to perform various methods like the spreader flap method, nasal tip modifications, and harvesting of septal cartilage.


    • Secondary or revision nose job

    Revision nose job as the name suggests is done to correct the results or functioning of a previous nose job. The patient gets the procedure because they are not happy with the results treatment has given. In some cases, a slight touch-up is needed, specifically for minor issues.

    • Liquid Rhinoplasty or Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

    Liquid nose job procedure comes under the category of non-surgical methods. This procedure is effective for patients who have minor imperfections. When you get the treatment, there are no incisions and you will be given Hyaluronic Acid Filler injection. The most preferred type of Juvederm. But the results will not last for a lifetime. With the option of fillers, the changes will not stay and you need to get additional treatment.


    Some of the additional nose job techniques

    Reduction of Dorsum

    • Minor Hump Reduction with Power Drill
    • Component Treatment with Hump reduction
    • Lowering the Dorsum plus Spreader Flaps
    • Over projected Dorsum combined with under projected tip
    • Reduction Rhinoplasty combined with extracorporeal septal correction.


    Osteotomies in Rhinoplasty

    • Wide nasal bridge
    • Asymmetrical nasal bridge with severe Septal Deviation
    • Deviated wide nasal bridge
    • Inverted V deformity


    Tip Modification in Rhinoplasty

    • Tip Projection
    • Tip Rotation
    • Tip Debulking
    • Dome Division Technique for contouring
    • Medial and lateral Sliding by contouring


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