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Things To Know About Eyebrow Transplant

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    What Is An Eyebrow Transplant?

    Eyebrow transplant is the surgical treatment which is designed to treat your eyebrows. This only recommended if you do not have enough growth and you are not happy with natural eyebrows. This is the medical procedure in order to get attractive and natural looking eyebrows. Eyebrow transplant surgery is a totally safe and secure procedure which gives you permanent results.

    Reasons Behind Eyebrow Hair Loss?

    The eyebrow hair loss reasons are quite similar to head hair loss such as baldness and thinning. These are not only reasons behind this condition but you also experience this condition due to injury, certain type medications and treatments, and overplucking or use of chemicals on the face.

    Who Is Suitable For Eyebrow Transplant?

    The eyebrow transplant process is usually designed for those people who have less growth on their eyebrows and have eyebrow thinning. In addition, if you have any type of health condition then you are not able to get this treatment. If you really want to get this surgical procedure then go for a healthy lifestyle first prior to the transplantation process.

    Is This Transplantation Procedure Gives You Permanent Results?

    Yes, of course, this is the procedure which is totally safe and gives you permanent results with natural looks. You do not need any type of procedure in the future after getting this one for eyebrow growth.

    From Where The Surgeon Collects The Donor Hair For The Eyebrow Transplant Process?

    He may collect donor hair from another eyebrow if you have enough growth there. Otherwise, he will collect hair from upper thighs and backside of the ear. Sometimes he collects hair from other body parts if a person does not have enough growth in both these parts.

    What Number Of Grafts Does A Person Need For Transplantation?

    You may need 100 grafts in order to transplant it on your eyebrows so that you can get the thick growth according to your desire. Moreover, not every patient need this number of grafts, it totally depends on your health condition as well.

    Is There Any Side Effect Of This Eyebrow Transplantation Process?

    No, actually not, this procedure does not have any type of side effect. But you may experience little discomfort or redness for next 2-3  days.

    What Is The Actual Recovery Time Of This Process?

    You should see the actual results in 10 months but yes, you will start notice hair growth after 3 to 6 months.

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