The Procedure Of Body Hair Transplantation And Its Eligibility

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The Procedure Of Body Hair Transplantation And Its Eligibility

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    Body Hair Transplantation

    The doctor proceeds with this method by taking the hair graft along with the follicles from the back or the side of the hair, which is also known as the donor site. They later transplant it back into the affected area or the space which is bald or empty. There are many essential factors that might dictate the surety of the best result. One such factor that is very prominent in micro FUE follicular unit extraction is the density of the transplanted area in a Hair transplant in Punjab.

    If, in any case, the density in the donor site is not sufficient enough, then there are other factors that might be beneficial, but one that takes the cake is in giving satisfactory results.

    You might notice that there is not enough density in the hair on the back or the side of the scalp, or the donor area as it is required in order to achieve the desired graft for the intense hair loss. In such a situation, we recommend you the body hair transplant or transplantation technique.

    The Procedure Of Body Hair Transplant

    The doctor performs this procedure by giving the patient anesthesia before the treatment starts so that they might not feel any pain or discomfort. The doctor uses an FUE transplantation method to perform the hair transplantation method. To check the eligibility of the person’s chest, beard, or other body parts, there are a set of examinations that the doctor conducts. This method can not give satisfactory results to those patients who have minimal donor area in their nape area,

    Who Is Eligible For Body Hair Transplantation Surgery?

    Now let us move toward the main question that many people ask. It is a burning question that ignites inside many minds, especially those whom the doctor has rejected for hair transplant surgery.

    These are some of the most basic criteria that the doctor has passed in order for the patient to have to undergo the body transplant surgery.

    • If the doctor thinks that the density of the hair in the other body part is sufficient to undergo the hair transplant surgery. We generally perform this procedure on those patients whose hair transplant surgery is not successful because of low density in the back or the side of the scalp. In such a situation, a body hair transplant is the best bet to find dense hair in other body parts.
    • The doctor determines the eligibility for the hair transplantation with body hair via a certain examination. The doctor performs the tests on such areas where they will take the grafts. The only way the surgeon will say yes to this method is when the texture and the density of those areas are good and come as close to the hair texture of the scalp.

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