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Surgical Techniques For Breast Enlargement – All You Should Know

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    Breast augmentation is the recognized, effective and safe surgical procedure to shape your body in attractive and natural manner. The results of this surgery are highly beneficial to women without causing any side effects.

    Surgeries in Trending

    Of late, all kinds of surgeries are in high demand, breast augmentation is one of those highly popular surgeries and has become the need of today’s modern woman. Such kinds of surgeries are widely known as plastic surgeries. Plenty of options are available for women who aspire to improve their breast shape and size. While they may require you to shed off some additional amount, but the results would tend you to be complacent with the expenditures. However, prior to moving ahead for breast augmentation surgery, always care to take necessary precautions.

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    Factors that impact breast augmentation

    Many women having small breasts wish to increase their sizes, either for self-satisfaction, due to professional commitments or just because the size does matter for their male partners. Common factors for small breasts include aging, changes due to pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, breastfeeding and weight loss and so on. Such causes bring significant changes in the breast tissue. Some women have small breast due to the genetic problems as well.

    Balance the chest with rest body appearance

    Breast enlargement or augmentation balances the chest with rest body appearance and produces the natural looks. There are so many temporary ways of breast enlargement; however natural procedures and techniques have their own significance. Permanent solution is always preferred in compared to the temporary ones.

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    Some common breast augmentation alternatives usually preferred by today’s common women who want to increase their breast size include
    -Silicone and Saline implants
    -Surgical Incision

    Here is a detailed discussion on each of them.

    Silicone and Saline implants

    In 2013, majority of the women (around 72%) preferred using silicone implants not saline. Both silicone and saline implants come in various shaped and sizes. It has been experienced that silicone implants are lighter, softer, consistent, safe and efficient in comparison to the saline. Additionally, some more changes were included while going with silicone breast augmentation surgical technique.

    To enlarge the breast, Silicone implants are completely filled with adequate silicone gel and placed very well. This kind of surgery is very safe and offers complete natural appearance. Women who fall under the age group of 18 to 22, they are recommended to go with saline implants for cosmetic breast enhancement. Also, women who want to go with cheaper option and want limited breast augmentation, saline implants are the right choice for them.

    Surgical Incision

    No doubt, breast augmentation surgery is widely accepted in this modern world, women want to keep the surgery very confidential. They are very much conscious about the location and size of the surgical incisions. Such factors are the prime consideration while making any kind of choices. These widely popular surgery types reduce the scars appearance up to the maximum with the help of products like Keller Funnel, however, some standard incision approaches like trans axillary (under the armpit), inframmamry (under the breast fold) or peri-areolar (around the areolar) are opted by the expert surgeons. Surgeons also discuss the process and incision approach in detail with the patients and help them to make a right decision too. Surgery type mostly depends on the type of the patient body and the daily lifestyle.


    Not surprisingly, size is also a prime consideration factor before selecting for the breast augmentation. Some women prefer limited enlargement and some want extra enlargement. These key points are needed to be discussed in detail before beginning the surgery. What breast implant size options are best fit, it all depends on their body’s anatomy. Therefore, it is also very important to educate the patients about the sizes etc.

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    An implant can be placed either underneath the chest muscle or under the breast tissue. Majority of the surgeons places the breast implant below the chest muscle. It is so because it offers natural appearance to the body of the women. Breasts will not be hardened if the implant is placed under below the chest muscle

    Thus, depending on your requirements and your desire to have an appealing visual appearance, opting for breast augmentation is a worthwhile option. However, the selection of plastic surgeon needs to be of high degree if you really want to see the result you crave for.

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