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Are You Sure, You Are A Good Candidate For Hair Transplant?

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    Hair loss has become one of the most common problems that almost everyone is suffering from. It can be due to various reasons including, but not limited to, pollution, inadequate diet, stress and medical issues. Thinning hair or bald look is a cause of negativity as it makes you look older than your real age. People try everything ranging from special shampoos to herbal medication to stop the hair loss and maintain their looks. However, one method that is increasingly gaining popularity due to its positive and permanent results is hair transplant surgery.

    Hair transplant surgery uses some cutting edge technology; however, it is not a solution for everyone. In order to have a successful transplant, you need to be a good candidate for the procedure and the same can only be determined by an initial examination with a good surgeon. Here are a few factors that can help you decipher whether you can opt for the surgery:

    Realistic expectations: The first step should be to set realistic expectations from the surgical procedure. It is true that it is the most effective way to overcome baldness; however, one has to be practical. For example, if you are in your 50s and want a hairline like that of a teenager, you will be advised that it would not be possible as it would look unnatural and would not be considered a success; it would be as good as using a wig. Additionally, unlike other cosmetic surgeries, the results are not immediate after hair transplantation. Initially the hair will fall as they have been moved from their original position. It is only after 3 months usually that hair starts growing. Most of the transplanted hair will continue to grow for a lifetime, giving you a fuller and youthful look. Therefore, in order to be a good candidate you need to understand what can be achieved realistically.

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    Quantity and quality of donor hair: The procedure uses one’s own hair for transplant. It is taken from the sides and top of the head that generally has healthier hair that are genetically resistant to balding. Therefore, anyone who wants to opt for hair transplant needs to have a good amount and quality of donor hair to be good candidate for the procedure. If there is a scanty and very weak hair on the donor area, you may have to undergo some prior treatment to strengthen these for them to be fit enough for the transplant.

    Good scalp health: In order to be a good candidate for hair transplant not only you have to be in general good health, like for all other surgeries, you also need to have a healthy scalp. Techniques such as FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) can be a bit invasive and need recovery. Thus, it is very important that you don’t have any health and scalp conditions that would contraindicate such procedures (e.g. clotting problems). A person should also have good laxity of the skin on the scalp area. This will allow for better results as the doctor can better perform the surgery especially with a strip procedure. A healthy scalp that can take the procedure and has the capability of healing well is almost a necessity for hair transplant.

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    Hair transplant has a lot of benefits like it is one-time, long lasting and helps you psychologically. There is obviously a cost involved for the same; however, in long term in comparison to other products that you need to keep using always, it turns out to be quite affordable. Make sure to get a thorough examination done before opting for the procedure; consult an experienced doctor and understand the complications, if any.

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