Stretch Marks Can Be Removed With The Help Of Laser Treatments

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Stretch Marks Can Be Removed With The Help Of Laser Treatments

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    Stretch marks are strips which appear on the surface of the skin. They are mostly red or white in color.  They are mostly present in places where there is more fat stored, like tummy, thighs, buttocks, upper arms and shoulders.

    When Do They Develop?

    Stretch marks develop  in the following situations:

    Conception- Stretch marks are mostly seen when a woman conceives and they are noticeable during trimesters. The body takes out hormones which soften the ligaments in the pelvis so that they are more flexible.  The hormones along with softening the pelvis also soften the fibers in the skin which make them prone to stretch marks.

    Heredity- Many studies have proven that stretch marks are hereditary. If your parents had them, then it is a possibility that you also might get them.

    Getting them treated

    Creams and lotions- The use of creams is the most popular way of removing stretch marks. There are various creams, oils, lotions which are used for the same.

    Getting a Laser  treatment done

    Laser treatment is a non – surgical method of removing stretch marks with the help of pulses of laser light.

    The method used by surgeons is very safe and it helps in removing redness, it also smooths the skin by giving it an attractive appearance.  Laser treatment is a very easy, fast and effective way to get rid of stretch marks, taking about 1hour for the whole process to complete.

    Another method of getting rid of stretch marks is cosmetic laser treatment but since many people are not aware of it, they prefer getting laser treatment only done.

    Benefits of choosing laser treatment

    • This method is very effective.
    • Laser treatment is a very safe method to be done.
    • It does not pose any kind of danger nor does it cause any kind of injury.
    • Laser therapy has very less recovery time, less complicated and is also much cheaper as compared to other treatments.
    • People of any skin type can do it.
    • It has to be done under a good surgeon, one who has experience in the same is proffered over someone who has no knowledge about it.
    • The skin becomes more attractive and smooth by getting laser therapy done.


    Do make it a point to get in touch with your doctor before stretch marks removed.

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