Enlist the common signs and common causes of hair breakage

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Enlist the common signs and common causes of hair breakage

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    Treatment of hair breakage and hair shedding is what most people try to find out. Be it men or women, both struggle to manage their hair locks and begin the search for the most acceptable hair loss treatment in Punjab. But, before you get the treatment, it’s essential that you find the common causes and signs of hair breakage to maintain hair health in a better manner.

    Common signs of hair breakage

    Some of the common signs of hair breakage are mentioned below:

    • Frayed and split ends
    • Hair becomes dry and feels brittle to the touch
    • Extreme and frequent tangles
    • Short, broken pieces falling out
    • Curls and coils quickly lead to frizz and aren’t as defined

    If you notice more hair loss that’s difficult to control, you need to undergo the Hair Transplant in Ludhiana. The treatment of hair transplant works effectively by offering natural-looking and permanent hair growth.

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    What are the signs of severe hair breakage?

    Some of the common signs of severe hair breakage are:

    • Easily noticeable hair loss on the scalp
    • Hair breakage that quickly occur on the crown
    • Hair thinning

    Most common causes of hair breakage

    Identifying some of the common causes of hair breakage is essential to finding the most appropriate treatment plan.

    • Heat Damage

    Heat damage means styling your hair excessively and daily. The use of hair dryers, curlers, or hair straighteners are the prominent reasons for hair damage and affecting the cuticle later. So, it’s better to be careful and take preventive measures.

    • Chemical damage

    Excess use of chemicals makes the situation even worse. With treatment like relaxation, bleaching, and permanents. Moreover, the hair can get grimmy, stringy and might quickly come out in clumps leading to severe hair breakage.

    • Diet

    Moreover, the wrong diet plan and unhealthy dietary habits are the major causes of resulting in dull and dry hair. The less intake of proteins, nutrients, and vitamins is the leading cause of poor hair health. Additionally, you need to drink enough water on an everyday basis.

    • Excessive brushing

    Do you often brush your hair? Well! Excess brushing can make your hair brittle, dull, and dry. You need to take care of your hair in every way possible and use a wide toothbrush to comb your hair.

    Are you noticing excess hair fall?

    Well! Don’t delay and get medical assistance at the earliest. The doctor will analyze your hair loss pattern and suggest a suitable hair loss treatment plan.

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