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Rhinoplasty – Eligibility criteria, expected outcomes, cost and the mechanism

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    If the structure or the functionality of the nose is to be ameliorated, then rhinoplasty surgery in India is the best alternative to achieve so. The rhinoplasty surgery usually includes:

    • Reconstruction of the nose
    • Improvement in the functionality of the nose
    • Making it look aesthetically appealing

    Who can go for the cosmetic rhinoplasty?

    Cosmetic rhinoplasty is for all those people who want to improve the functioning and the appearance of the nose. Usually, the patients with the following nose problems approach us for the treatment:

    • Humped nose
    • Distressed nose
    • Saddle nose
    • Flat nose
    • Wide tip
    • Wide nose
    • Boxy tip
    • Deviated
    • Crooked nose
    • Longnose
    • Shortnose

    What is the eligibility criteria for the individuals willing to undergo nasal reshaping surgery?

    There are no hard and fast eligibility credentials for the individuals who are willing to undergo the nasal reshaping surgery. But you should be eligible as far as the following credentials are concerned:

    • The patient is in the good health
    • He is fit (both physically and mentally)
    • Age is not a bar.

    What is the cost of the rhinoplasty surgery?

    The cost of rhinoplasty surgery depends upon the following factors:

    Additional services

    The additional services which may include the following affect the cost of the rhinoplasty differently:

    • Augmentation
    • Deviation
    • Narrowing
    • Correction of the crooked nose

    Which outcomes can you expect from the rhinoplasty surgery?

    You can surely expect the following from the rhinoplasty surgery

    • Large nose

    If your nose is humped or large, then with surgical efforts the hump can be removed.

    • Saddle nose

    In case your appearance is being disturbed by the saddle and the depressed nose, then the augmentation or building up procedure may be taken into account.

    • Nasal tips

    The nasal tips can be redefined if these are excessively widened.

    • Deviated nose

    The deviated nose is a stigma on the glowing face appearance. In those cases, the patients may benefit from the straightening of the nose.

    Which procedures can be combined with rhinoplasty surgery?

    The following procedures can make the appearance more ameliorate:

    • Chin augmentation
    • Cheek augmentation

    Is the rhinoplasty procedure performed under local anaesthesia?

    The rhinoplasty can be performed under local anaesthesia. But for the increased comfort of the individuals, the doctors sometimes take general anaesthesia into account.

    What can you expect after the surgical procedure?

    • After the surgical procedures, you may get to encounter some sort of bleeding from the nose for which you may have to apply the nasal pad.
    • Your nose may get swollen for some time, but that will go off on its own in between 3 to 6 weeks.
    • The splint of the nasal bridge will be added if you have any fractures. But do not worry, that may get removed after 7 days.
    • If in case, you get to encounter the wounds, then they will get healed on their own within 7 days to two weeks.

    Why us?

    If you take our services into account, then our doctors and cosmetic surgeons will make sure that you do not get to face any complications and side effects. Our cosmetic surgeons have an experience of quintessentially many years. Thus they are adept at performing the procedure with precision.

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