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Recovery Tips after Breast Reduction Surgery

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    In the field of plastic surgery, breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty holds a special place. Many women who suffer from large and heavy breasts prefer to go undergo this specific surgery to ease their problem. Though large breasts are regarded as objects of fantasy that enhance the femininity of the women, yet in reality, they often attract unwanted attention.

    Such large bosoms prevent women from taking part in sports, from wearing stylish dresses of their choice and often cause pain in the neck. Hence, any woman who is fed up with the excess weight of her big breasts can opt for this surgery and lessen her burden. Whatever is your reason, if you are healthy enough to put up with the few risks that are tagged along with this operation, then you should definitely go for it.

    About the operation

    Reduction mammoplasty can be done in varied processes; liposuction being one among them. In this reduction surgery, the surgeons mark the expected area of fat removal and make incisions accordingly. From the incised portion, they extract the excess breast tissues. During this operation, sometimes, the nipple and the areola need to be moved to a higher position, which is known as free nipple grafting. Finally, the incisions are closed with the reshaping of the breasts.

    The size and position of the incisions vary depending on the size of the breast and the extent to which the patient wants the breasts to be to be reduced.

    Breast Reduction Surgery

    Threats likely to occur

    Despite being a very light surgery, some side effects are likely to crop upand slow down the healing process. The scars of the incision can get infected, swell up and cause irritation. The drains that are sometimes attached for the drainage purpose, can lead to redness and problems as well. Besides, the difference in the sizes of the reshaped breasts, loss of sensation in nipples, dislocation of areola and nipples, prohibition to breastfeed etc. are some of the other probableside effects of Breast reduction surgery.

    The visible difference before and after surgery

    Breast Reduction 

    Recovery Tips

    Though you can’t ignore the threats completely as those are the part and parcel of this very procedure but what you can do is, follow the recovery tips properly to get back to your life. For quick recovery, start the process, even before the operation.

    • Pre-operative Care: Only a healthy candidate will get the nod from the surgeon to go for this surgery. Hence, it is good for the concerned person to keep taking nutritious foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals etc. The patient should also care to provide the body with energy to fight against all weaknesses and heal quickly. One must also stay away from smoking and drinking if one doesn’t want the recovery period to be prolonged.
    • Post-operative Care: Undoubtedly, this care is of more importance as the patient has already undergone the surgery and is weak. The surgery takes place nearly two hours and you will be discharged that very day. However, as per the surgeon’s recommendation, you might have stay for an additional day under the observation. You will be given painkillers if the pain bothers you.
    • After reduction, your breasts will be bandaged and incisions will be covered with surgical tapes. You should arrange for a helping hand, as you will be restricted from doing any heavy lifting or rigorous task. Though this operation does not take a toll on the patient, yet a two-week complete rest with a frequent consultation of the doctor is a must. Moreover, do not forget to eat healthily and keep yourself hydrated.

    If you are persistent enough to go for the operation, then do so with an experienced surgeon. Remember to follow these recovery tips and embrace life with your confident and content self. To know more about the tidbits of breast reduction or o help you make up your mind undergo this surgery, feel free to contact Profile Cosmetic Surgery.

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