What is a hair transplant and explain the reasons why men take Multiple Hair Transplants

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What is a hair transplant and explain the reasons why men take Multiple Hair Transplants

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What is a hair transplant?

A hair transplant is a surgical procedure, which is designed to treat several types of hair loss in both men and women. To undergo the hair transplant in Punjab, you need to understand the reasons behind hair fall. Since there are several people who are suffering from hair loss, these days.

Well, both men and women experience hair loss, but men are more prone to get this condition due to several health conditions and scalp problems. They can also experience hair fall due to genetic reasons, which means if your father or grandfather had this problem in life, then you will surely experience excessive hair fall or male pattern baldness.

So, in this condition, they need to undergo a hair transplant procedure to get rid of the hair loss problem. A recent investigation reveals that several men take too many or multiple hair transplants.

They are unable to get the best results

Men usually get this treatment when they are suffering from excessive hair fall or baldness due to hormonal problems. The hormonal problem means when you experience hair fall due to the overproduction of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This condition also leads you to male pattern baldness, which is a heartbreaking condition for men. In this case, they undergo hair transplantation, which is designed to treat bald spots or baldness as well. Well, several men undergo multiple hair transplants, when they are unable to get their desired results. When they again start experiencing male pattern baldness due to hormonal factors. And they need to take FUE hair transplant, again and again, to get rid of male pattern baldness.

To get rid of scarring at the donor site

People who previously took FUT hair transplant are at greater risk of experiencing scarring. Yes, this type of hair transplant results in scarring at the donor site, which cannot be faded away easily. This happens because In the FUT technique your specialist collects the strip of hair grafts from the back of the head and then transplant in the affected area. From where your specialist collects the hair graft strip, scars happen in that area. So, to remove that scar, you need to undergo multiple hair transplants.

Due to cost

If you are unable to bear the cost of a hair transplant at one time, then you can go with multiple sittings. This will help you to divide the cost of hair transplantation and you will get hair loss treatment properly. You can talk to your specialist so that you can divide your treatment due to the high cost. In this way, you have to pay in installments to hair transplant surgeons.

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