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Questions To Ask Your Breast Reduction Plastic Surgeon

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    Ladies suffering from large breast syndrome would do well if they undergo operations related to reduction of breasts. People who are opting for cosmetic surgery are increasing by leaps and bounds in recent times. Due to state of art equipments, the process has become not only easy but also cost effective. Sagging breast issue can be solved within a jiffy however it is important to find the best doctors who can accomplish the test in an impeccable manner. In order to zero in on the required choice you may have to ask few questions that are mentioned as follows:

    Breast Reduction


    The doctor should be a certified plastic surgeon or else you would be at risk. Since it is the question of your health, it is better not to take any chances. If the individual is not certified, it is highly likely that the person is the fly by night operator. Such doctors cause lots of problems to the patients. In worst case scenario, people have suffered worst fate including death.


    Meet the doctor and ask whether he or she is trained exclusively in plastic surgery. It is a well known fact that for complex operations, specialists are required to resolve the problem. A generalist may not be able to justice with the job.


    One of the most important factors that have to be kept in mind is the clinic and its infrastructure. In order to make the breast reduction procedure a huge success, state of art medical equipments is required. They not only help to perform the operation with precision but also provide post operative care to the patients. In case, the infrastructure is not up to the mark, the chances of failures also increase exponentially. You should not take risks under such circumstances but find the best cosmetic clinic in the city to carry out the operation with 100% accuracy.

    Surgical technique:

    There are numerous surgical techniques that are used to accomplish the breast reduction process. Since not all the methods deliver sterling results, it is important to enquire about the information directly from surgeon.

    You should also discuss the prior medical; history with the doctor before deciding upon the breast reduction process. In few cases, patients suffer from coronary heart issues and cannot undergo surgery due to the blood loss.

    Breast feeding after operation:

    If you are a young mom, ascertain whether the reduction job will have an impact on the breast feeding. In majority of operations, nerves and ducts get damaged leading to the inability of the mother to make milk.

    In such cases, if the nipple and areola are still attached to the breast tissues, the chances of breast feeding are significantly high. You should be patient while undergoing the operation because recovery can take a longer time.

    Risks and complications:

     No operation is safe as there are too many risks and complications. In breast reduction, one should ask questions related to bleeding and side effects of operation on the body. In few cases, the operation is followed by redness and tenderness in the skin adjoining the breast area.

    You may also experience white discharge from the incision site. If you are aware about side effects, it is easier to plan out contingencies.

    In some instances, stitches come out earlier and cause long term problems to the users. Ask whether the insurance covers breast reduction surgery to save on the money.

    Patients can consult the doctor about the plan to handle complication that might arise during operation. It is one of the best ways to prevent the occurrence of unforeseen emergencies during the operation process.

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