Advantages Of PRP Therapy In Independent And Hair Transplant Treatment

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Advantages Of PRP Therapy In Independent And Hair Transplant Treatment

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    PRP Therapy

    PRP Therapy, or Platelet Rich Plasma, is one of the most advanced techniques to treat hair loss. It is one of those versatile methods that you can either use for independent treatment for thinning hair or as hair transplant surgery. Because of its highly advanced mechanism, there are many hair transplant surgeons who started using this method to restore the hair. And according to studies, it is believed that many more doctors will add this revolutionary process for the hair transplant in Ludhiana. 

    What is PRP Therapy Treatment?

    PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is basically a medical process in which the first step is to avail the sample of the blood from the patient’s body. It is then later centrifuged in order to get the plasma from the blood. It is centrifuged in such a manner so that the rich cells of platelets are the only one that is injected into the patient’s scalp. 

    Is PRP Therapy Effective?

    Now let us move towards its benefits or its effectiveness. PRP therapy is effective only for patients with no bald patches and their hair roots are still intact. The doctor considered PRP therapy in Punjab effective as it could rejuvenate the hair roots again. It promotes hair growth by containing certain growth factors that make the hair denser and stronger again.

    You can also use this technique when you have lost a lot of shine from the hair and are tired of using many different types of treatment to cure it. It is one of the most acceptable options if your hair roots are still surviving on the scalp.

     Advantages Of Using PRP Therapy As An Independent Treatment

    These are some of the significant benefits of using PRP therapy as an independent treatment.

    1. It basically straightens the hair from thinning the existing hair.
    2. It also increases the diameter of the existing hair.
    3. It is one of the safest procedures that requires no cuts or incisions.
    4. It is a non-allergenic method because of the use of its own material, which is why it does not give any rejection.
    5. One month after the hair transplant surgery, you will notice a limited hair loss only in the beginning.
    6. Because revitalization reduces fat dandruff on the scalp.
    7. Apart from darkening the hair, it also makes them denser when you touch it.

     Advantages Of PRP Therapy In Hair Transplant Surgery

    These are some of the primary benefits of using PRP therapy in hair transplant surgery.

    • It drastically reduces the sensitivity in the surgical field at the time of the procedure and after the operation period.
    • It undoubtedly avoids any possible complications after the surgery.
    • It accelerates and promotes the adhesion of the transplanted grafts.
    • It also decreases the redness you notice after the surgery.
    • It is very useful as it heals the wounds faster.
    • It generates the tissue at a faster speed.
    • Limited hair loss.
    • Because of the regeneration of the transplanted hair follicles, you get the results faster. 

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