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Profile Forte Doctor Guide: What to eat after the hair transplant procedure?

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Diet plan after the hair transplant

Patients who have undergone the Hair Transplant in Ludhiana at Profile Forte, often ask, ‘Whether diet plan is required after the treatment?’ Just tell me, ‘Why Not?’ Your body has undergone a surgical procedure which means it will take time to heal and for that, you need to pay utmost attention. If you undergo treatment for any other body part, then you will take utmost care. And the same goes for your hair.

When you schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Vikas Gupta he will talk you through your treatment plan which includes the hair transplant type, hair transplant cost, after-care, necessary medications, and a whole lot more things. He will put utmost focus on making you understand about following the right kind of lifestyle and making sure your diet plan is proper after the hair transplant.

Follow the post-surgery instructions properly

In your post-surgery instructions, medications, exercise, and diet are included which are vital for hair health. If you do not focus on including healthy food in your diet then it can lead to many other issues which greatly impact your hair health & it might be the reason that you face bald spots & thinning hair problems.

What food options should you avoid after the hair transplant?

  • You should not eat fast food & processed food as they do not have the required amount of nutrients & calories your hair needs.
  • You should not have processed juice, baked goods, soda, and other food items which are filled with sugar. Intake of excess sugar after the surgery can affect the healing.
  • You should not take coffee before & after the hair transplant. 2 to 3 days before and after surgery avoid coffee.
  • You should not take spicy food after the surgery

What food options to eat after the hair transplant surgery?

After the surgery, you need to keep your body hydrated as it helps in managing the blood pressure and eases the process of recovery. Here is what you need to include in your diet:

  • Vitamin (Vitamin-B Complex)

The vitamin-B complex is needed by your hair. The food options which have it are spinach, fenugreek, seafood, meat, bananas, and dairy products. All these are good sources of vitamins.

  • Protein

You need to keep your diet filled with protein and especially after the surgery. If your diet does contain protein then it can lead to hair deficiency or even excess hair fall. You need to include nuts, seeds, beans, fish, and dairy products in your diet.

  • Folic acid

Folic acid is an important way to have healthy hair. For this, you need to include fruits & vegetables in your diet. You should even ask the doctor if you need to have a folic acid supplement and how much should be the daily intake.

  • Iron & zinc-rich food

Both these are vital for hair health and you can get these through beef, beans, and spinach. After the surgery, shock hair loss happens which is part of the procedure but that does not mean you need to take it lightly, to deal with it you need to include iron and zinc-rich food in the diet.

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