Preventive Treatment For Hair Transplanting Into The Scar In Punjab

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Preventive Treatment For Hair Transplanting Into The Scar In Punjab

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    Let us in this blog discuss the scars and the wounds that typically grow in the area of hair growth. It is a known fact that the body heals with the help of the formation of scars which are mostly unavoidable. You can notice different scars on different body parts as they are more prominent than any others.

    Usually, these are those scars on the body that are responsive to plastic surgery. But imagine the wounds in a hair-growing area such as a beard or scalp. You would not be able to cut the old scar out of these sites. In such a situation, you should visit a hair transplant clinic in Ludhiana and learn about it in detail.

    Typically the hair does not grow in the area where there is scar tissue as there are no hair follicles you can find there. Because many people have disproportional scars in the hair-bearing location, it is natural to have some emotional trauma because of it.

    And in case the scar is well healed, the tissues, in general, will have an insufficient supply of blood. In order to have successful follicle growth with some regeneration, one of the most vital elements is the blood supply. It is basically a transportation system for both nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicle.

    But what else can we do?

    P.S.: hair transplant will help you grow natural-looking hair within a span of time to get a youthful and appealing look.

    Preventive Treatment: Best Case Scenario

    There are a few things you can do in order to help prevent the severe scar from forming.

    Hair Follicle Regeneration 

    To improve the healing of the wound, hair follicle regeneration is one of the most effective techniques to improve it, and also, the hair transplant Punjab has introduced this for quite some time now.

    The benefit of undergoing this treatment is that the doctor will inject many protein growth factors into the wound. Many of these proteins will help you stimulate new skin growth (epithelial growth).

    Whereas some of these will help stimulate the new blood vessel growth, others will generate the development of new hair. Apart from that, there will also be other growth factors within the regeneration of hair follicles, such as if the doctor injects it early, it might stimulate a supply of new blood to grow into the scar area while simultaneously improving the healing.


    Another technique that is pretty famous is exosomes. It is comparatively a recent treatment. In this, the extracellular vesicles come from the bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells. Apart from that, they are also known for containing the same growth elements as a hair follicle that helps regenerate.

    Also, do remember that there is a higher concentration. To top it off, they also contain mRNA and microRNA. To stimulate the growth of “new” or “young” skin while limiting the formation of scars, it is necessary for you to use exosomes.

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