Is scarring a common phenomenon after liposuction treatment?

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Is scarring a common phenomenon after liposuction treatment?

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    Fat cells can be removed by several new techniques. But Liposuction treatment in Ludhiana is gratifying the patients with its results. The following information is useful if one wants to know about the scar concept after liposuction treatment in deep


    • Are there any specific locations on which incisions points are to be made?

    No there are not any specific and particular locations or zones that could be categorized as incision points. It is because every case is idiosyncratic. Surgeons are liberalized to make incisions by making belly point as the starting point. It highly depends on the regions which are to be addressed and the zones where fat cells have deposited.


    • Is it possible to carry out an incision in less noticeable areas or zones?

    Yes, the surgeon may probably make incisions in the unobtrusive areas. These are customarily those areas that are not noticeable even when one is confronting a mirror as well.


    • What is the theory of scars in the Liposuction stratagem?

    In the Liposuction stratagem, the scars occur based on the size of the incisions. If a small incision is made, then only a minor scar will come to light and the scar will be big if the large incision is made.


    • Do all the patients who have undergone liposuction treatment experience scarring?


    It is usually observed that all the patients who have gone through liposuction surgery do not experience the scars. Some patients may experience but others do not.


    • What is the size of scarring?


    The size of the scar is not so big that it would make you look discolored. It is customarily a tiny scar. It is customarily experienced in the size of a minor dot.

    • Can the scar be faded away?

    The scar can be faded after a required period of time. If the scar is the size of a freckle, it would take a period of six months for the scar to fade away and become completely unnoticeable.

    • Is it probable to experience hyperpigmentation?

    Yes, one might experience hyperpigmentation. It will come to light only if there is an increment in the melanin content. It is customarily experienced in patients who have dark skin tone or complexion.

    • Does the hyperpigmentation scars also fade away?

    Hyperpigmentation scars can also become unrecognizable after a period of time. It is a necessary condition to keep the incised area out of exposure to the sun. It is because of the fact, exposure to the sun may considerably affect the healing process of the incised area.

    • What is the meaning of keloid scars?

    Keloid scars are those species of scars in which the skin generates excessive collagen during the rehabilitation process. It always results in a dark scar.


    Final Thoughts

    But those who have experienced it, there is no need to panic, it will fade away after six months if the affected area is kept out of exposure to the sun.

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