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Liposuction – A Popular Plastic Surgery Treatment To Cut Fat

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    Though body shaming is a moral offense, yet people across the globe are very much concerned about their figure and body weight, and India is no exception either. The best way to get rid of that extra fat is by exercising and following a healthy diet, but some fats are just too stubborn to part ways with your body. Hence, people are in search of alternatives that will not only remove these lipids but will also prevent them from accumulating in the future.

    The procedure that gained prevalence regarding this issue is liposuction, which removes the fat cells of the body permanently. It might appear that the process takes a toll on the pockets but in fact, India is comparably a cheap option in this regard while offering superior quality service. Therefore, if you are in search of a place where you can operate yourself under the finest guidance without splurging much, then plastic surgery treatment clinics in India are the best to consider. The statistics also indicate the same fact.

    How trustworthy is the action

    Liposuction is the most secured procedure with minimal risks. The patients can choose from among various techniques available depending on their requirement and surgeon’s suggestion. The procedure targets specific areas and sucks the fat out of the body using accessories like cannula and aspirator. In India, two different types of liposuction are prevalent; one of these requires surgery and the other is not worthy of any surgery. However, these two types also have their respective subdivisions.

    Surgical Liposuction –Removal of fat from abdomen, arms, buttocks, and thighs by cutting edges of those areas:
    Tumescent Liposuction: This is the oldest technique that India followed to treat the fats. Here, before the insertion of cannula or the hollow tube, the concerned area is numbed using local anesthesia. Then a huge amount of adrenaline liquid and anesthetic solution is infused inside.
    Super-wet Liposuction: In this process the surgeons prefer either general or local anesthesia and follow nearly similar method like the previous one, only the amount of blood lost here is more.

    Non-Surgical Liposuction- Less painful way of fat removal with anesthesia and suction:
    Laser Liposuction: In this process, the fat is melted using medical laser beams or heat and then the molten fat is sucked out. The laser treatment is effective for parts like back, sides and upper abdomen.
    Vaser Liposuction: If areas like arms and neck are concerned, then this is a better option to go for, as it affects the fat cells while guarding the other tissues. Invasive technology is used which results in smooth skin.
    Ultrasound Liposuction: Not very popular, this method uses sound waves.

    The image below shows the areas that can undergo Liposuction.
    areas that can undergo Liposuction

    Return of the weight

    As you know, liposuction is a permanent technique which kills the fat cells and is not concerned about a person’s weight. Its aim is to provide the patients with a figure that boosts their self-esteem and helps to stay healthy. However, it indeed lowers the weight a bit by taking out unwanted fat and this fat might return in future but will not create havoc problem. Excessive deposition of fat won’t be possible as the fatty cells won’t be there and even if fat gets deposited, it will do evenly. You can however maintain yourself by staying hydrated and eating proper meals at regular intervals and doing exercise.

    To sum up, anyone who is above 18 years of age, has a good muscle tone and possesses firm skin, is eligible for this procedure. In addition, the person should also be free of life-threatening disease and stay away from smoking. All you need is to follow the instructions of the respective plastic surgeon and you are good to go!

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