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Lesser Known Facts About Hair Transplant Surgery

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    Hair loss may happen due to various reasons including, but not limited to aging, stress, vitamin deficiency or head injury. Like greying of hair, everyone expects it to eventually happen to them; however, nobody can ever be prepared for it. Once the process starts it takes a toll on your looks and ultimately confidence. It can have unexpected adverse results in your career and relationships.

    Thankfully, there is a way out now with hair transplant surgery. The surgery has become quite common among men due to its positive and long lasting results. There are two main techniques for the surgery and the selection of one over another depends on what is suitable for an individual. Both the procedures are highly effective. Here are a few lesser known facts and what all you need to know about the transplantation procedure.

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    It is permanent: The biggest benefit of hair transplant surgery is that the results are much more permanent than any other available non-surgical treatment. For example, medications and hair products are only effective for a few months. However, the hair transplant surgery uses hair that are resistant to balding. For majority of the patients it is once in a lifetime procedure as the transplanted hair are everlasting.

    It uses your own hair: There is often confusion about the hair that is used for the transplant surgery. It is not artificial and/or plastic hair. The surgery basically takes the hair from the back and the side of one’s head and move it to the area that has experienced the loss, often the top. The hair at the back and side are genetically resistant to the balding process and won’t fall. Therefore, the donor and the recipient is the same person in the hair transplant surgery. The hair is harvested from the donor area and then implanted into tiny little slits in the scalp. After a certain period, the hair stars growing back in the area and you will notice a much fuller head of hair.Therefore, you don’t need to worry about color matching etc.

    It is affordable in India:This effective cosmetic surgery is available throughout the world; however, the cost varies from one region to another. As compared to the western countries, the hair transplant surgery is more affordable in India. The hospitals give a choice for paying for it in installments. Like all cosmetic surgeries, hair transplant is usually not covered under medical insurance. The most important thing is that the quality of the procedure should be the best and one should not require a further surgery at the same area.

    It is not instant:Like most other cosmetic surgeries, the results are not immediately visible after a hair transplant surgery. In fact, initially the transplanted hair will fall as they are traumatized by their relocation. However, that does not mean that the surgery has failed. It is totally normal and your surgeon should have warned you about this. It is only a few months (two to three in most cases) later that the newly transplanted hair will start to grow back. After surgery, care is very important after the hair transplant procedure.

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    If you have tried changing your shampoo, experimented with over-the-counter and advertised hair loss products, and restyled you hair with no major impact on the rapidly thinning ones, go in for the surgery. With the hair transplant surgery, there is no need to spend hours in front of the mirror trying to cover the loss. However, like any other surgery do your due research and understand the procedure well. Make sure to consult with an experienced doctor before heading in for the surgery.

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