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All That You Need To Learn About Female Hair Loss Treatment

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    Undergoing female hair transplant surgery is one of the best options for those women who are struggling with severe hair loss. Well, we can not ignore the stigma that surrounds the treatment of Hair transplant in Ludhiana, but thanks to modern-day technology and mindset, it is gradually going away.

    Now people are able to get natural-looking results which does not open up the conversation of hair loss treatment as much as it used to before. The trend to upgrade their look for the better is slowly making its way into the more general public. It is not only the celebrities who undergo hair transplant in women. This also made the cost of the surgery more reasonable for the general public to opt for it.

     Difference Between Female Hair Loss And Male Hair Loss

    When we are talking about losing our hair, we will notice that there are some minor similarities between male hair loss issues and female hair loss issues. But there are some significant differences in the lead cause of the main problems in both. These differences basically entail that male pattern baldness accounts for almost 95% of hair loss in men and nearly 2 to 5 % of hair loss in females. This makes it so much more viable in the majority. 

    What Are The Common Types Of Female Hair Loss?

    These are some of the most common types of hair loss that we see in females. 

    • Diffuse

    It is one of the females’ most common types of pattern hair loss. But despite that, it is similar to the hair loss issue that we generally see in men. In this period of time, the women will observe hair loss only at the front of the top of their head while there is no or little thinning or shedding of hair at the sides of the back of the hair. 

    • Patterned

    Women suffering from pattern hair loss will also normally notice a lot of hair fall in the front hairline with minimal thinning on the side or the back of their head.

    Women who have suffered from pattern hair loss issues are most likely to be the best candidate for hair transplant surgery. The hair in the back and the side are the donor site that helps the doctor to conduct a hair transplant surgery, which is available in such hair loss conditions. 

    • Localized

    This hair loss basically means a hair loss that happens only in a particular area, unlike the pattern or diffuse hair loss type, where you would notice hair loss in a specific place. Localized hair loss often results in bald spots in some distinct areas of the scalp where you are noticing severe hair loss. 

    Who Is Eligible For Female Hair Transplant Surgery?

    • Women with female pattern baldness
    • Mechanical or traction alopecia or alopecia marginalis
    • Hair loss due to plastic surgery
    • Hair loss due to trauma
    • Naturally high hairlines
    • Transgender individuals transitioning from male to female 

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