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know more about the different factors Determining Hair Transplant cost

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    Hair transplant:

    A hair transplant is a surgical process that will help to regrow your hair. In the process, hair is transplant to the bald area. Usually, hair Transplant is done to the bald scalp. However, some people also take the treatment for patchy beards and moustaches. The profile forte clinic offers the most advanced and efficacious treatment for Hair Transplant in Ludhiana.

    Factors responsible for hair Transplant cost

    • Number of Grafts- the most important factor for hair transplant price is the Number of hair Grafts implant and their cost per graft. The estimated cost per graft is rs 25 to 100 in India, and average number of grafts required for hair transplant is approximately 600 to 3000, depending on Baldness. If you are looking for the Affordable and Best Hair Transplant Cost in Punjab, then Profile Forte hair transplant centre is a one-stop destination for you.
    • Surgeon and His experience: The experience of a medical practitioner who performs the transplant surgery matters a lot. If the cosmetic surgeon is well-experienced and skilled. He may charge more than others; it also depends on the quality of treatment, the infrastructure of the clinic, and the types of treatment.
    • Type of treatment: The type of transplant is one of the other crucial factors responsible for the treatment cost. Primarily there are two types- FUE, and the another is FUT.

    Both methods are highly effective, but it matters on the kind of baldness patients have. You should consult an expert cosmetic surgeon to figure out the best approach. However, FUT is cheaper than FUE because the follicles are remove individually in the latter.

    • Baldness : The degree of Baldness is one of the essential factors that determine the exact cost of the transplant. If the patient has more bald scalps due to excessive hair fall, then the cost of a hair transplant also rises. You can check the extent of male pattern baldness by the Hamilton-Norwood scale.
    • Other factors: The aforementioned factors are important factors determining the average hair transplant cost. However, many other factors are responsible for the same, such as.
    1.  Location
    2. Donor’s hair structure and quantity
    3.  Number of sessions
    4. Fee per session, and so on.

    Transplant costs in different regions

    India is on the list of top nations performing maximum hair transplant surgeries. However, you get affordable treatment for hair transplants in India as compared to other countries such as America, Singapore, Canada, etc.

    The average price of the treatment varies according to different regions.

    The estimated region wis transplant cost in India is

    Punjab – 30,000 – 1,00000 (30-45 rupees per graft)

    NCR – 30,000 – 1,25,000 (30-50 rupees per graft)

    Maharashtra  – 50,000 – 1,35,000 (35-60 rupees per graft)

    West Bengal  – 35,000 – 1,20,000 (30-40 rupees per graft)

    Tamil Nadu – 30,000 – 60,000 (30-35 rupees per graft)

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