Advantages Of Using KD Spreader In Hair Transplantation Surgery

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Advantages Of Using KD Spreader In Hair Transplantation Surgery

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    FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is basically a hair transplant procedure with minimal invasion. In this process, the doctor individually harvests each hair follicular unit from the donor site or, in some cases, from other parts of the body. And then implants it back on the recipient area or the affected hair.

    In the last few years, FUE Hair transplant in Punjab has gained a lot of popularity among patients. The reason behind their popularity is their simplicity and ability to generate less visible scarring, which gives permission to the patient to wear their hair short with no hassle. They are very attractive to not only those patients who have a fear of stitches, knives, and linear scarring on the donor area, but the physicians also highly recommend their patients undergo hair restoration procedures. This FUE method, with its evolution, is gaining a lot of popularity all over the world.

    Apart from that, do discuss all the details, such as Hair Transplant Cost in Punjab, before you finalize the process as different techniques would cost you different.

    Existing Instruments And Its Limitation

    These are some of the equipment used in the hair transplant procedure and its limitations.

    • Manual stretching does not at length allow enough traction for scoring.
    • Manual traction can lead to operator fatigue, especially at the time of the whole process that can last for many hours at once.
    • The doctor can not achieve the required extra stretching of tissues for the tough scalp that is not available by the given methods.
    • For desired stretching force, the conventional skins do not give efficient gripping to the doctor.
    • FUE over lower occipital regions needs a lot of scalp stretch near the site of The FUE procedure, which is not possible by the currently available process.
    • The doctor needs to stabilize the flexibility of the tissues while they are performing the body hair transplant as the skin is technically more pliable and tensioners or spreaders.

    There are so many limitations or hurdles which are why the medical field has developed user-friendly instruments. This allows them to provide donor tensions or traction without generating fatigue, especially in their hands.

    The KD spreader is a device that comprises a shaft and a hook that is joint with the shaft that is configured. This basically helps the user to work determinedly. It is an extremely useful instrument for the FUE procedures that the surgeon conducts on a tough scalp wherein the manual stretching was not able to give sufficient traction or scoring.

    What Are The Advantages Of the KD Spreader?

    These are the merits of using KD Spreader:

    • It causes a lower risk of physical trauma to the graft even if it is given in the beginner’s hand.
    • For beginners, it improves the ability to conduct the FUE in the beginning.
    • Without jeopardizing quality control, inexperienced doctors can also train themself with it.
    • To finish the process faster, the doctor can perform 3 to 4 implanters in the same field because of the KD Spreader.

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