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Is Tattoo Removal A long Term Process?

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    Many people who go through laser tattoo removal surgery usually ask this question, as to how long does it take to remove a tattoo?

    There is a number of factors which are affected by the tattoo removal. Below mentioned are some main factors which account for tattoo removal. Please  go through them before going to get your laser removed:


    • The thickness of the ink


    This is an important thing to be checked because the darker the ink will be, the more time will be spent in removing the tattoo.

    • Type of skin

    If you have light skin, then it will be easy for the tattoo removal process, while dark-skinned people have difficulty in getting the tattoo removed. There is a particular type of laser which will work on for dark-skinned people, so in case you are dark skinned check out for that laser and ask your surgeon to remove your tattoo with that.

    • Placement

    When laser aims at tattoo pigment, it breaks it down. Tattoo removal has a lot to do with bodies healing capacity. If the tattoo is placed near to the heart or other blood supplying places, it will matter quite a lot.


    • Colors


    Every color used in a tattoo requires a different wavelength of laser light for removal. So, the number of colors used in your tattoo determines how long tattoo removal takes.

    You can never come to know the chemicals used in making a tattoo/ Colors have a big role to play in how long the tattoo removal process. Every color use din tattoo demands a different kind of wavelength laser light for being removed. Hence the number of colors does determine the tattoo removal method.


    •  Cicatrix and Thickness


    The process of tattoo removal process involves removing one layer at a time. In case you have got cicatrix while getting the tattoo done, there might be a thick layer of skin above it. If this is the case with you, then it will be hard for the laser to get into. The laser’s getting inside the skin is a big factor for how long your tattoo will remain.  Tattoos which are layered decrease penetration. The amount of layers and the number of colors present is also affected by removing the tattoo.

    Getting a tattoo is fun for some, and they do try to get one. But, one should keep this in mind that how long do they wish to have a tattoo embedded.

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