Is It Safe To Use Hair Products After Hair Transplant Treatment?

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Is It Safe To Use Hair Products After Hair Transplant Treatment?

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    After undergoing a hair transplant surgery, it is necessary to follow all the rules the surgeon has given. This instruction will ensure a healthy and speedy recovery without any complications.

    From which kind of shampoo to use and how to use them to antiseptic lotion. We provide details that would make it easier for donor hair to grow with healthy hair.

    This will allow the softening of the crust of the recipient area promoting faster healing after a Hair Transplant in Ludhiana.

    Can I Apply Hair Oil After Hair Transplant Surgery?

    Most people have a similar question!

    Can we use hair oil after hair transplant surgery?

    The surgeon will recommend a set of products that you should use in order to stimulate better hair growth, which also has oil in it.

    However, the doctors recommend applying it to a donor area for at least two weeks. It mainly consists of coconut or almond oil. It will help you improve the itchiness and dryness after the oil application. You can apply the oil back on the scalp after 10 to 12 weeks post-hair transplant surgery in the recipient area.

    Remember, after undergoing hair transplant surgery, it is necessary for you to choose products that would best suit your condition. Make conscious changes for better hair growth. You would have to prefer more sensitive products such as shampoo and oils. Opt for products with herbal ingredients that would help you grow new hair while also preventing hair loss.

    PS.: The Hair transplant cost in Punjab differs from one case to another based on the number of grafts the doctor transplants.

    What Are The Preferred Products After Hair Transplants?

    If you have a healthy scalp, then your hair is going to look more healthy. Hence, it is necessary to use the right products after your hair transplant treatment.

    The FUE technique is a process that removes the hair follicles from the donor area one at a time and then transplants them at the recipient site. It is known for leaving no traces on the hair follicles.

    We can also say that hair transplantation is a scalp rejuvenation method because it opens a tiny little wound to the skin while also activating the collagen structure of the wound for the repairing process.

    After the application, the doctor might suggest you use Bepantol wound healing cream. This will help you promote the repair of tiny roots. Although each physician would give a different brand, the content of each cream will be the same. With the help of the drugs and products that the doctor has recommended, you will be able to accelerate the healing process.

    You would have to make a conscious decision on what to use and how to use appropriate products. Many doctors might also suggest you use the products that you have been using previously before the hair transplantation.

    However, most people want to go big and make significant changes. This is why they try to choose products that are sensitive and/or contain herbal ingredients in them.


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