Hair Transplantation is the best way to treat your hair loss issues?

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Hair Transplantation is the best way to treat your hair loss issues?

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    Hair transplantation is explained as a procedure in which the surgeon removes the hair follicle from the back of the scalp or from any other body part where there are thick hairs and graft the harvested hair onto the bald or thin areas. There are two main methods available to perform this surgery are:


    For several people, a FUE method is the first preference over the FUT method as nobody wants visible scars on their scalp.

    1. The best candidate is between 25-65:-

    Well, there is no restriction of age to consider a hair transplant, but a suitable candidate must be between 25-65 years to get expected and effective results. Patients below 25 experience premature hair loss. Whereas patients over 65 have very weak hair. This procedure is suitable for those who have widespread thinning and baldness.

    2. Your hair transplant will depend on Hair Loss Type:-

    Not all hair loss types are the same, The person who suffers from baldness pattern is considered to be an ideal candidate for hair transplantation. Patients with alopecia have poor hair follicles thus this transplantation procedure is not considered to be effective in such cases. In short, alopecia sufferers are not an ideal candidate for this treatment.

    3. You must also be aware of the classification of your Hair Loss:-

    The two important factors play a crucial role when you are planning to undergo this procedure those are:

    • quality and quantity of donor hair
    • severity of hair loss

    To decide if you are eligible for hair transplantation, then it is a good way as there must be sufficient healthy hair follicles supply for hair transplant to succeed.

    4. How healthy you are is important:-

    A patient’s health needs to be done before hair transplantation as it is a surgical procedure, A good immune system helps reduce the risks of complications and results in fast recovery. Before the procedure, patients who suffer from long-term health issues must talk to their surgeon. Blood-thinning can also affect the results, so if you are having thin blood then you must consult with your surgeon before undergoing this surgery.

    5. Type of Hair is also a deciding factor

    When deciding this procedure, the choice of hair type can also be a factor. For transplantation of robotic hair, the hair should be dense to provide good coverage for the affected areas. The extra curly hair cannot work in case of hair restoration because this technology requires to find the hair follicle direction, which is hard in case of curly hair. It is difficult to detect very light hair or white hair. You should not take tension about such a thing as there is various other treatment also available such as PRP vaccines.


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