Explain the hair transplant methods, cost, and what are the final results?

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Explain the hair transplant methods, cost, and what are the final results?

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Profile Cosmetic Surgery Centre Punjab: It is an old saying before the wrinkles come and the back goes, a lot of men will face the problem of hair loss. In many cases, the person starts losing their confidence and it is a great source of anxiety. To solve this problem, a hair transplant is considered the most popular option. This article will help you understand everything in detail.

Who can get the hair transplantation?

One of the important concerns is that the patient should have enough donor area to extract the grafts. Along with that, the patient’s health must be proper. If you are facing any health issue then you should inform the doctor during the consultation.

Hair Transplant Methods

the 2 most popular options are FUE and FUT. No matter which option you choose or doctor suggests the patient will get desired outcomes and the regrowth of hair will look natural. The total time surgery takes is around 4 to 8 hours and the rest depends on how many grafts need to be transplanted. The pain and discomfort are less as the patient is given local anesthesia.

Detail information of the procedure

  • In FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), the hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area. The grafts are placed by putting tiny cuts where the hair is very thin or the patient has a bald area. This procedure is less invasive and painful.
  • In FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation), the strip of hair is taken from the scalp back and then inserted where hair growth is very less.

    After the surgery, it will leave a linear scar on the scalp which is not noticeable if you keep the hair short.

Possible Side Effects

At the surgical site, the infection can occur but it is very rare. The problem can occur if the patient does not take proper care or follow the surgeon guideline. The patient needs to make sure if they are facing any problem then talk to the surgeon right away.

Hair Transplantation cost

The total cost of the treatment will depend on different factors but the most important is how many grafts are needed to cover the bald area on the scalp. Moreover, the cost of the treatment is affordable in India as compared to any other place.

What to expect from the results?

Most patients often wonder when they will be able to see hair growth. Following the surgery, the patient should expect swelling and redness which is normal, this will go away within a few weeks.

After the surgery, the transplanted grafts will fall out which happens due to shock loss and it is part of the treatment. Within 3 months, the hair will start growing a few inches. By this time, the swelling and pain will go away. To see the final hair growth it takes 8 to 12 months. The results will only get affected when the surgeon is not experienced or you did not follow your surgeon guideline.


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