How much is the total cost of 1500 hair grafts for a hair transplant?

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How much is the total cost of 1500 hair grafts for a hair transplant?

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    How much is the total cost of 1500 hair grafts for a hair transplant?

    Are you someone who always wonders, ‘How much is the cost of hair transplant?’

    The hair transplant cost is something which lies between Rs 25 to Rs 45 and that cost is for per graft. For every graft, there are around 1 to 3 hair follicles.

    The treatment of Hair Transplant in Punjab is one of the most asked treatments for those struggling with severe hair loss or even those who have started to notice bald spots early in their life. The treatment cost depends on the total number of hair grafts required for hair transplant & during initial consultation all the analysis will be done to better point out the exact situation. Now the question is, ‘How much is the cost of hair transplant for 1500 hair grafts?’

    The answer to the same is better to give in terms of average. It means that if 1500 hair grafts are needed for the same then the cost will be around Rs 40,000. Well, the average amount only comes to light when you have scheduled your consultation with the hair restoration surgeon to better understand how the situation can be well-managed. It’s like to know about the Hair Transplant Cost, you should always seek professional assistance and then better plan your treatment the right way.

     Hair transplant treatment cost varies with methods

    There are 2 most asked methods of hair transplant which are FUE & FUT. The treatment cost breakup will depend on different factors and the difference will be made through the following factors:

    • Doctor’s credentials & qualification
    • Number of grafts needed
    • Hair transplant method used
    • Age
    • Degree of baldness

    The cost of a hair transplant is well-determined through the per-graft basis and accordingly, the baldness level of the person is determined. You must schedule a consultation with the doctor to have a better idea about the entire process and how much you need to bear for saving your hair locks.

     How much is the hair transplant cost in developed nations as compared to India?


    Country FUE technique Cost

    (Per Graft)

    FUT technique Cost

    (Per Graft)

    India Rs.30-45




    Turkey Rs.209-278




    Europe Rs.209-417




    UAE Rs.556-417




    USA Rs.695-1182




    Singapore Rs.765-973





    Considering the given table makes it pretty evident that medical tourism in India is highly preferred in all ways. Being a surgical procedure it’s also essential that you do not opt for any place without considering the entire situation. To achieve total customer satisfaction and to ensure that there is no regret on your end you have to better plan for the entire process.

    Schedule your initial consultation

    If you would like to know more about the treatment plan the way it will be made for you then schedule a consultation with the doctor. 

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