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Hair Loss In Women And Its Treatment With Hair Transplant Surgery

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    Our first thought about hair transplant is directly associated with men. And to a certain extent, it does make sense. We mostly see this sort of hair fall issue in men; that is the reason why we connect hair transplant in Punjab with them.

    But does that equate to that women do not face the cruelty of hair loss?

    Well, that is not the correct information. According to the expert, women experience more hair thinning as compared to men in general, but hair loss is a whole different concept.

    Now let us move to another important question that many people often ask.

    Can women undergo hair transplant in Ludhiana? 

    Although you might not have heard a lot of people talking about women and hair transplants, they can still undergo one if they wish to.

    What Is Hair Loss In Women?

    Hair loss in women is basically when a woman notices extreme hair loss, albeit unexpectedly. It is pretty standard for individuals to lose almost 50 to 100 strands of hair in their daily lives. But if the number extends a lot and you notice hair everywhere, then it might be a matter of concern.

    Hair shedding is a regular aspect of creating a natural balance- some hair falls out while others grow in. but when the natural balance is disrupted, then the hair loss to the hair growth ratio goes skewed.

    That being said, hair shedding is entirely different than hair loss. The medical term for hair loss is “Alopecia.”

    In almost all skin surfaces of a person, hair grows except for the palm of the hands, lips, eyelids, or soles of the feet. The official name for hair that is light, fine, or short is vellus hair, whereas terminal or androgenic hair is thicker, longer, and comparatively darker. 

    What Is The Cycle Of Hair Growth?

    Hair growth goes through three cycles:

    • The first phase is a growing phase (anagen phase). This cycle could last from two years to eight years. Apart from that, it also refers to almost 85 % to 90 % of the total hair growth on the head.
    • The 2nd phase is the transition phase (catagen phase). In this cycle, the hair follicles typically shrink, taking around two to three weeks at max.
    • The 3rd and last phase is the resting phase (telogen phase). This cycle takes around two to four months, and at the end of this cycle, the hair generally falls out.

    Some of your shorter hair, such as eyelashes, leg and arm hair, and eyebrow, generally have a shorter anagen or the growing phase as compared to others. They last around one month, and the scalp hair can last up to six years or, in some cases, even longer than that. 

    How Common Is Hair Loss In Women?

    Many people believe that hair loss only affects men, but that is not true. Almost 50 % of the women population will experience noticeable hair loss in their life.

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