Green tea and hair growth: Is there any relation between the two?

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Green tea and hair growth: Is there any relation between the two?

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    Is green tea beneficial for hair growth?

    Green tea is one of the healthiest options because of its antioxidant features. The good green tea components are known as flavonols. This one major component is known for giving a list of amazing benefits. Studies have shown that it does help in reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease, and many other health issues.

    However, keeping that all aside, it is possible to keep the Hair Transplant in Punjab aside and prefer the green tea option as a magical one for hair health.

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    How is green tea beneficial for your hair health?

    Well, there are several benefits of having green tea in terms of boosting hair health and here are some of the major ones:

    • Promotes hair health

    Well, it’s seen through a number of studies that hair health is boosted in all ways. The topical application of the same on patients with alopecia has helped in increasing hair growth. It’s the use of EGCG extract that helps the hair follicles to get stimulated, and the damage to the skin and cells is dealt with effectively.

    • Prevents hair loss

    Hair loss is one of the major problems among men and women, which can happen due to a number of reasons like autoimmune disease, diet, stress, and hormonal changes. The hormones DHT and testosterone are the major reasons for hair loss as they limit the hair growth phase. However, with the gree tea antioxidants, the hair growth results in the way you are looking for and limits the process of hair loss.

    • Make hair density better

    If your problem is with hair density, then green tea is an effective choice to help you in that regard. Green tea is known for helping with blood flow, making the oxygen level proper, and most importantly body get’s all the essential nutrients that it needs. Basically, the scalp is benefited in every possible manner, and hair growth is achieved.


    Always get the medical assistance

    If you are dealing with hair loss, then the most important part is to consult a medical expert. Do not take green tea without medical assistance as there are few studies showing the negative effect of green tea leading to liver toxicity. So, before you use it for your hair health, it’s essential that you get approval from the doctor that it’s worth using for you in every possible sense.



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