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Give a brief classification of the hair plugs transplantation?

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    The constant falling and breaking of hair influence people to opt for different hair restoration methods or cures. Thus they go for oral treatments first, and when they do not get any permanent results from these cosmetic products, they may compel to think about hair transplant methods. Thus, they begin to search for these surgical procedures but have numerous queries, especially related to their price.

    If we talk about the Hair Transplant Cost in Ludhiana, it varies as per the person’s health and bald areas of the scalp. All hospitals charge as per their treatment options. Generally, the total expense of hair transplant treatment lies between one to two lakhs.

    Moreover, if you want to grow healthy hair on your hairless scalp, you must try the Hair Transplant in Ludhiana, where you get advice from experienced and well-intelligent doctors. Before getting this procedure, they will clear all the doubts that may have troubled you.

    Define hair plugs?

    Hair plugs are the earlier methods of hair transplant used to cover the hairless skin of your head with plug-grafts. These methods were utilized in 1959s. Under this procedure, your hair expert extracted the small section of hair follicles and your skin (plugs) from the back head (donor site). The size of these plugs is up to four millimeters, which is 0.16 inches across and stitched on the hairless skin of your head. These procedures were not as robust as the latest hair transplant techniques.

    Later, in the 2000s, a new hair transplant came in front and replaced the hair plugs. Masses started adopting Fut hair transplant, which gave good results compared to hair plugs. Under this technique, a doctor extracts individual hair strips from the donor site and directly stitches on the bald scalp.

    A new form of hair transplant was introduced in the following years, Fue. It is compelling to extract more natural results. Nowadays, people prefer the Fue procedure for hair transplant surgery. In this process, a doctor cuts hair in the form of grafts and stitches these grafts on the bald areas of the scalp. Each graft may consist of two to four hair follicles.

    Are hair plugs still in use?

    As technology changes daily, medical science crashes at its peak and invents several new procedures for hair transplants. It is the fact that people always go for the best choice that will give them good results. Therefore, hair plugs are no longer to be used. Compared to hair plugs, masses feel more comfortable with Fut and Fue methods. These procedures confer quick recovery, natural-looking hair, and little risk of scarring.

    Side-effects of hair plugs: There was a severe risk of infection due to the iron blade, and due to the lack of technology, sometimes masses might be passed through the head injuries when your head muscles might be affected at the time of this transplantation.

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