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Get to know about the timeline of hair transplant growth

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    Hair Transplant Growth Timeline

    When you choose to undergo a hair transplant, the major concern is the results. No doubt, that concern is right to have when you are spending your money and time; it’s important to have the said results in the given time period. But there’s a possibility that the two people don’t have a similar timeline of Hair Transplant in Ludhiana. WHY? There are a number of reasons that can result in the same. So, for a better understanding, let’s go through the given blog in detail.

    Beginning of hair growth after hair transplant

    When you choose to undergo hair transplant treatment, it’s the entire way the surgery is done to ease the process. The treatment of hair transplant includes popping and maturation. The hair transplant growth reaches the final stage as the hair begins to pop, and then it reaches the cycle of thickening, darkening, and normalizing everything to attain the required results.

    Once the hair is transplanted, it reaches the resting stage, that’s normal. After 2 to 4 weeks, the hair growth begins to shed, that’s normal and part of the process to attain the required results. Additionally, you won’t see any kind of new hair growth until the 3rd month. The hair growth cycle will continue to provide the change in hair follicles up to the 12th month, and following that, you need to take care of your hair like normal. That means for the fuller hair growth appearance, it does take some time, and afterward, everything begins to get back to normal.

    How much hair begins to grow by the 3rd month?

    Around the 3rd month, the hair begins to pop out from its transplanted area with ease, and then it accounts for different results like:

    • By 3rd month around 30% of hair will penetrate through
    • By 4th month the hair penetrates around 40%
    • By 5th month the hair penetrate around 50%
    • By 6th month it reaches around 60% to 70%
    • By 9th month the hair gets popped out by 90% to 100%

    So, it’s like a cycle that goes for the hair follicles, and you need to be careful about the same. It’s a process that takes time but makes sure you are careful about each and every step.

    Starting to see the overall results

    Around 6th month allows the patients to see the necessary results with ease and comfort. It’s about proper planning and management through the hair transplant journey to ensure final results are attained on time. Around 70% of the hair is penetrated through the scalp halfway through the surgery. Although, your hair is still thinner and looks frizzy at this time period. By the 10th to 12th month, it’s the desired state of change that you need to be mindful of to attain the required results.

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